Making Room for Puppies?

Started by todd666, November 15, 2004, 11:48:06 PM

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i remember hearding about this a while ago but I forgot what it was about can anyone help me please? thanks :D


This was like a ruse that was announced right before POTRE was announced. Puppies was supposed to be a full lenght Melvins " only " release. Who knows maybe they're hiding it from us for Xmas!


i dont want to sink your battleship, but i don think so


Yeah Klump, I know wishful thinking. I'm actually hoping for some new Altamont personally.


he he, it would be cool with another album, but THREE albums...thats like "impossible" (the trilogy:P)

hmmmm, maybe there IS a secret album NO ONE knows about...

that would be really nice:)

but maybe the melvins are working on an official dvd or something?
theyve done records and stuff for a long time, they have a book, maybe a movie is the next step?

a freaky fucking movie with a matching sountrack :)

now THAT would be cool :)


Sounds like you mean a movie were they are playing a live soundtrack for the Cameron Jamie movies.



im talking a MELVINS movie, a kind of collage of sick surrealistic clips and concert stuff... OR a an entire movie with a soundtrack :)

that would be really cool :)