An in-depth review of NEVER BREATH......from Pitchforkmedia

Started by the bloat, October 22, 2004, 11:00:07 AM

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I believe that pitchfork media was created by radiohead.


haha they love everything radiohead does but they
arent the band. its run by some intellectual canadians.


Van Hagar


most of the music pitchfork gives high ratings to, they only do it because they know what's popular in the little fag indie crowds.  most of the time, that music is total shit.  if any of you say you like wilco or interpol, you need to just fucking kill yourself now.

interpol is especially bad music--not even an attempt at good musicianship, the lyrics are about as good as a pop song from the 80s, only with less ability to hold a note.  The singer sounds like he has a cock permanently in his mouth.

the bloat

Actually, I believe that Pitchfork is pretty fair with their reviews - atleast they are consistent. After all, a review of a record is really just someone's opinion and I have used it as a guide many times in trying out new bands because I feell like what they say is pretty much accurate. So what if you don't like Wilco? Who gives a fuck? I know that they don't. Tell me one publication or source that reviews records in a non-biased way. Look at Rolling Stone, Spin, Revolver even fuckin' Maximum Rock n' Roll is biased!

I have found some new bands that I really like from checking in with their site once and a while:

...and you will know us by the trail of the dead
Hot Snakes
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Les Savy Fav
Drive By Truckers


hey i really like the new interpol!!!*sits with gun to head*  and the hot snakes is john and rick from drive like jehu,  which is kick ass!

also worth checking out:
65 days of static
the witness protection program
Quote from: JASONALEXANDER on March 08, 2024, 11:35:21 PM
Brilliant story, Ian!  :lol:  :lol: And what harm has Ian ever done to Fart that he deserves to be harrassed no matter what he writes, even when it's funny and brilliant as fuck? Digger > Nigger and an Fuck > Shut!  :lol:

EGO the Living Planet

Fuck off cellphone, I like Wilco a lot.

Interpol are over rated and pretty hit or miss, but if you can't think of 1,000 worse bands you don't listen to enough music.

I'll give you that pitchfork are consistant. I don't think for a minute that their reviews aren't pretty genuine. Those guys obviuosly dig the stuff they rate highly, although I DO sometimes think they diss some some based on it's popularity. I disagree with them often, but like the bloat said, it's just someone's opinion.

The problem I have is that their reviews are way over intelectual and boring as hell. There's been more than a few times I couldn't even finish readin' a reveiw about a disc I'm dyin' to hear about. I think they ofetn spend too much time talkin' about what the album "means" rather than if it's somethin' you wnat to listen to or not. Somestimes I think they're really reveiwing other reviews, and not the album itself (how annyingly post modern is THAT?).  There are times I seriously wonder if they actualy listened to the disc before they wrote that bullshit.

I will give 'em though that their news section is well done.

Hot Snakes fuckin' RULE. I'm close to declarin' them to be even better than Drive Like Jehu. Unfortunately I recently had to miss their live gig. I'm dyin' to see 'em.

the bloat

Just saw HOT SNAKES at Neumos in Seattle two weeks ago. Best fucking show I have seen in a long time! Seriously. They are REALLY GOOD. I highly recommend them.
The new disk, Audit in Progress is excellent too.

EGO the Living Planet

Dude, I sooooo wanted to see them. I even took the night off work to do it. I just wound up with a family responsibility that I couldn't avoid. :cry:

I hope they make it around here again. They're my favorite RFTC related project (except for mayne DLJ).