What makes a typical Melvins Fan ?

Started by steveybabes, March 13, 2008, 05:25:24 AM

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(the) Razor

I reckon you would have without the sticker, it just would have been later. Internet was still taking off at that time and I'm sure YouTube or Facebook didn't exist and MySpace came along so music back then was still wordoff mouth unlike these days. You would have stumbled onto Melvins for sure but it wouldn't be as a cool story.

I always wonder if a band will come across that I get sucked into More than Melvins. Cows came close to me and Patton's better releases but so far,so good.
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Quote from: ))))(((( on October 10, 2015, 11:02:35 AM
I realised this afternoon that i've been a Melvins fan (although some may dispute that claim) now for exactly 10 years! I first discovered the band around this time of year in 2005. Seeing their name mentioned on a sticker on the front of High On Fire's 'Blessed Black Wings' CD. The sticker read "For fans of Motorhead, Slayer, Melvins." God it actually feels like longer than 10 years ago. I often wonder if i would ever have discovered the band if it wasn't for that sticker. I guess at some point i would have done. It would have been hard not to. Yet the obvious question is how much later?? Amazing to think i was a Nirvana fan for a whole 10 years prior to 2005, reading books on Cobain etc and that and me and Melvins hadn't already crossed paths.
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(the) Razor

Certainly, mp3s and more recently, streaming music has cheapened music as a whole there is no doubt. I never did vinyls myself but really missed the feeling you get when you had to travel, save up and put $15 down on a CD, went back and put it on and gave it 100% attention listening to it while looking through the notes as it was playing and hoping you didn't waste your money. Nothing like it and as you put it, a gamble which also meant that if the gamble paid off - the album stuck for years and sometimes life.

These days with streaming and mp3s it's like just a thumbsup or skip, that's the total attachment involved ...pressing a thumb icon. Nothing gained, nothing lost. Christ I sound old.  :lol:

But hey I still buy Ipecac, AmpRep etc... records these days but not very many anymore.
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Finally got around to do this

BBS Nick name : Sludgebaby/Sludge
Real name: Sludgesworth Babylon the Fourth
Sex: *insert sex joke*
Age: 18000
Nationality: Canadian
Where you live: B.C, Canada
Sexual orientation: *insert another sex joke*
Occupation: unemployed loser/unrealistically aspiring musician/occasional comedian
Hobbies: Playing bass guitar, spending an irresponsible amount of money on records, drawing and painting weird shit, reading, writing, comedy, doing puzzles, etc.
Favourite food: Red Vines, apple pie, pizza, chicken strips.
Favourite drink: Cranberry juice *insert The Departed joke here*, ginger ale, trying to stop drinking cola (the struggle).
How many other Melvins fans do you know (on here not included): maybe 3?  Trying to convert a couple more though
How long have you been a Melvins fan: just under two years? kind of a newbie
First Melvins album you heard: Houdini
First Melvins album you owned: Houdini (bought the CD for $1 at a flea market cuz I liked the cover)
Favourite Melvins album: Bullhead
Least Favourite Melvins album: Some Melvins albums I've only heard once or twice so I can't really decide (yet)
Favourite Melvins Track: Pronoun Piece me followed by Anaconda and Hag Me
Least Favourite Melvins Track: Again, some songs I've only heard once (and some not at all) but Set Me Strait is easy to skip
Favourite Melvins track performed live: probably Hag Me
Least favourite Melvins track performed live: dunno
How many times have you seen the Melvins live: a sad zero
How many Melvins albums do you own: 4 vinyl, 1 CD
Second Favourite band after the Melvins: Gotta admit that the Melvs aint my #1 band, that's reserved for Pavement
Any other business: in the front, party in the back?
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