Dale Cover - Wood and Diamonds

Started by amazonAMAZON, November 17, 2022, 08:14:20 PM

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New 3xlathe cut wooden box set on Joyful Noise Records. VIP members got first scoop. Ordered mine. Not sure how many they have or what. Details will probably go public in a day or so. Press blurb mentions the DC band inc. Steven on this.


Thanks, how much are they asking for it?


vince furnier

Welcome to my Nightmare!

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Ah, 3 pre-existing songs. I thought it might have been new stuff. Dale loves these kookie releases doesn't he? Or at least Joyful Noise do!

Colonel Cheese

Fancy Schmancy.
I do love Bad Move though, soo good.


Are these maybe the Livestream obscene versions?