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Started by CoryCory, July 28, 2022, 07:30:08 AM

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How much does a fiercely independent band need? Assuming we don't have another pandemic, the Melvins can probably subsist on touring for another decade at least. They book well in advance, show up on time and bring great crowds. Whatclub owner is going to care whether they have an album on ipecac or Universal or AmRep? All that stuff, "tour support" and whatnot is just more loans for bands that don't have their shit together.

I bet if they really needed something, they could do another Third Man record. But why bother?


Quote from: amazonAMAZON on November 24, 2022, 04:16:33 PM
I bet if they really needed something, they could do another Third Man record. But why bother?
True, but remember Buzz always prides himself on being the "what have you done lately?" guy. They may play old songs most of the time now but i think for him, writing new material and releasing it is still essentially what a band DOES and is. An active band and not just an on stage jukebox.

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they shared Ipecac's black friday post on fb.  :D
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Quote from: vince furnier on November 24, 2022, 07:49:56 PM
they shared Ipecac's black friday post on fb.  :D

Well yeah it's in their financial interests to do so given how many albums they've released on the label.


Yep, totally agree.

They make music to keep up their end of the bargain, and probably because on some level they feel it's vital to the band. And I am so glad for that. We are among the luckiest fans of all time.



Second listen now ... Mr dog is fantastic .. love the little guitarriff that comes halfway through first half, ugly and effective ...  and buzz´s singing higher cleaner notes then i can remember ? 

he might have taken some lessons or gone to a vocal coach ... I like it, it really fits the song, more nuances (spelling) than usual with buzz...

i love how they can do whatever the hell soundwise and you wont ever not hear who it is ...

Thinking about Mastodon, quite the opposite....wouldnt hear it was them if some newer material played somewhere..

"never say youre sorry" just started here ..... wow first listen i wasnt at all in the mood for this .... Now its perfect,

how are you guys listening, on stereo speakers or headphones ??    i tried headphones today ... maybe it´s that
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BMR is the first real "headphones" Melvins album in a long time for me.

I listen mostly in the car (on CD) or walking the dog (with BT headphones), but this one really sounds awesome if you have the vinyl or at least lossless through a nice set of wired cans.


yeah i think so to...bad mood felt way shorter today, and i just... nooo already? 

So i did the natural thing in my position, I took 1st listen to five L D  ... headphones didnt come off

i paused after eye flyes had stuck on repeat ....that one is outstanding! so that lead to I couldnt keep my hands away from my classical nylon...

So i have most of the album for later ...

finally really good albums again...i been kind of disapointed about everything since basses loaded, and the even worse with mike & death i need to listen more, maybe listened to it twice. pinkus i put in the car so that got many spins ... i have heard it 50 times easy, not because its super good but i really wanted it to be ...Dont forget to breathe is a masterpiece, Pinkus creation mainly?? that bass and the vocals is really nice. Or maybe steven had his fingers in that bassline ... i never listened to redd kross ... so. And working with god i really had my hopes up there to...i know 1 or two tracks got extra spins but i cant remember ... but i have to Headphone that one !!

And Dales two albums ...

i like my headphones more and more ... they are bluetooth from not hifi .... i guess since it is enjoyable it good enough

I have heard about headphone listeners and the money they dish out sometimes are insane,

Im curious, maybe should go to a real hifi-store where the the fuses are dipped in molten gold and speakercables are cured in pure pixie-dust.... just to se what REALLY good ones can sound like...

Now when i look back at what i wrote im thinking im spoiled favourite band is workaholics and releases something album like at least once a year ....

Could be worse for shure.
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buddy holiday

black stallion

"side B" is growing on me


I wonder if they will continue to do demos for future albums like they did with this one.


I hope so! I think this worked. Also with Buzz moving out of state I think it's more likely that they'll have to work this way.


This is somewhat interesting. The reversed backmasked intro to Mister Dog Is Totally Right.


Quote from: amazonAMAZON on December 22, 2022, 07:58:20 PM
I hope so! I think this worked. Also with Buzz moving out of state I think it's more likely that they'll have to work this way.

Is he really leaving California? I thought he loved Los Ángeles... or is it way too expensive to live there already?
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