Ever have a Melvins dream?

Started by Chief Ten Beers, December 11, 2004, 01:53:56 PM

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Had a Buzzo solo acoustic dream last week. That was a first.

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Dreamt that Melvins were playing a show at a large hotel/resort. There was a big buffet being served beforehand, and I ran into Jared at the dinner hall before the show. I asked him if he wanted to go smoke a doob, and he happily obliged. We walked down some stairs to their dressing room, smoked, drank and then I made my way back to the venue. All the hotel employees were in an uproar because there was another concert going on across the resort, and they were certain that the Melvins were going to be too loud. I kept asking who else was playing and no one would say. So I next walked over to that side of the resort and ran into my boyfriend. He, along with the rest of the crowd there were wearing flasher-type beige trench coats, and Karl Denison was playing. My bf got pissed at me because I ran off to smoke without him, and he was going to stay to watch Karl Denison instead. I told him he was crazy, and that I was going back to get a beer and watch the Melvins.
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