New interview with Dale

Started by johnnyg, December 23, 2020, 04:12:16 PM

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black stallion

so Neil Young got some Melvins stuff?cool!

John Schuller

I was at that Melvins Midnight show at the Capitol Theater in Olympia. It was during that brief moment when Lorax came back to the band after Joe was canned. The Melvins were on fire that night - I remember Buzz playing the Purple Haze lick during the intro to It's Shoved and thinking "Fuck yeah!!". That was a fucking magical show - if I remember right, the Melvan was in the alley. But I could be mistaken. I know the Melvins would not have been driving it by then.

I saw one other Melvins Midnight show at the Capitol Theater on the Stag tour - that was also amazing. I wish they still did Midnight shows at the Captiol.


black stallion



Quote from: black stallion on May 15, 2024, 04:07:43 PM
In the interview Dale said he was recording something for Melvins on Saturday which based around what they said about Albini's death would have been last weekend. Buzz mentioned recently doing some recording with two guys from Napalm Death in May. So can we presume this is the same project?!!? I wonder what two guys it is. For some reason i imagine it's Barney and Shane.


Shane definitely (based only on the evidence of their camaraderie on stage, Buzz and Shane).

Danny Herrera was also drumming in Venomous Concept so my guess would be a dual drummer scenario again.