Melvins in Seattle! Two Shows

Started by GrimReaper, December 17, 2004, 04:42:47 AM

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I just tried to get tickets at the Bad Ju Ju Lounge to the New Years Show none left.

The did have tickets to a Dec 30th show which is all ages.

So Melvins are playing two shows!


Only one show has been widely advertised, the New Years bash with Jello.

Are you belittling my excitement?


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Hey Grim, The show is at Neumo's not the Bad Ju Ju Lounge. Also, there are tickets left for the New Years show at
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Quote from: GrimReaperSo Melvins are playing two shows!

try tape, film or bla bla bla ok?
and never forget!!! :shock:  :shock:  :shock:
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Update :


..and they were too ill to finish their european tour :?