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Started by nerker, December 17, 2004, 04:35:15 PM

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i know it's unorthodox, but here is my article:
FYI, i too own lysol on vinyl and just call the no covers side "lysol"

Melvins + 3 Short films by Cameron Jamie
UCLA Royce Hall 12/04/04

Films Fit for All the Headbangers, Earthdogs, Hell Rats and Rivetheads

Green Honey


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Hey Nerker that was a kick ass review THANKS! I only hope to see it live some day. Are there any other bands who put on this kind of wierd show? I think not. GO MELVINS  :x
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Melvins DID indeed write "With Teeth".  Not Joe, not Vincent Furnier or Michael Bruce.  Didn't we have a thread discussing this before???


joe was part of the melvins at the time of Lysol,
so i'm sure he contributed to With Teeth in some way.
It's a fact that he wrote Night Goat though.

Green Honey

how is it a fact?
buzz says joe never wrote anything, not even basslines, so i suppose it's not really easily provable either way.


thanks for the words/clarirty.
that whole lysol track listing thing is confoozing.
I always assumed that the content of side B was original.
This hasn't hit press yet. So...what is the proper fact?
With Teeth is a fusion of cover and orginal.
how many tracks are on side b? 2?

thanks fer help,

Green Honey

With Teeth is all-original.
There are 3 songs on side B (Sacrifice, Ballad of Dwight Frye and With Teeth).


Though ballad of dwight frye has the outro of "Second Coming" in it too (track before bodf on the alice cooper album)


my lysol record has a side without the alice cooper "second coming >d.frye". and sacrifice cover
This is the song the melvind played to the last one,
the song with the AHHHHHHHSSS in it.
is that with teeth?


Quote from: Green Honeyhow is it a fact?
buzz says joe never wrote anything, not even basslines, so i suppose it's not really easily provable either way.
Don't believe everything what Buzz say since he has nothing positive to say about all the ex-bassplayers. That says more about Buzz then about the ex-members in my opinion.


Hey Nerker,

I just read your amazing review.  I wish I could have witnessed that.  I love that the Melvins are doing things like that, and the films sound great, too.
Maybe Cameron Jamie will release a DVD with them doing a re-creation of the soundtrack (but I'm sure that's doubtful)-- wishful thinking.



why cant ipecac do some dvd stuff? that would be really sweet :)

amrep dope, guns... videos are really cool :)

i bet ipecac could do that even better!

or even better, "just" the melvins.