Melvins Pics From Electric Heavyland Jan 1st

Started by **Blue*Sabbath**, April 27, 2005, 03:46:04 PM

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It's all fucking good-dini as far as I'm concerned. Then again, I'd eat a MELVINS deep fried turd. GO MELVINS!!


Beto Brasil

man, i dont believe,,,, shit, look this small store!!
very good pics !! do you make this pics? some idea if anyone recorded this?
amazing !! :wink:
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Update :


I like fucking corpses


sent to me by the owners of the place
Quote2. the Melvins played an unannounced show here at our store, Enterruption & the Electric Heavyland, this past Sat. Jan 1st, 2k5. I thought that I'd drop a little review for you and readers (and for our own mailing list and website) and give you a link to the poster for the show. Sorry to anyone that might feel gypped about not knowing of this show but we kept it secret so that it could remain a private show (as a missed birthday gift for me, a missed anniversary present for Leslie and I (2 years married Nov 27th), and a missed Xmess. we were too busy with opening the store during these past twopointfive months that we had little time or money to celebrate. also it was a thank you to all the people that have been coming in the first 1.5 months we've been open, supporting us, and all that.)

so here's my review:

We found out through our inside sources that the Melvins were playing New Years Eve in Seattle, WA. We asked the Melvins if they would like to play an in-store at our new record/toy store, Enterruption & the Electric Heavyland, on Sat. Jan 1st, 2005, at 2pm, to which they agreed.

At their Thursday night show we were introduced to Adam Jones, of Tool, who is playing 2nd guitar for the New Years Jellvins shows, as the owners of the in-store space to which he said "Oh, the experiment." it turns out that Dave Stone, the fill-in bassist while Kevin is away, was leaving Seattle at 11am on Sat. and thusly the Melvins were going to be without a bassist and they weren't exactly sure as to what they were going to do. They maintained this position up until they played on Sat.

The Melvins showed up here at 12:30pm. Gear was set up and they started talking about what they were going to do. 2pm comes, we open the doors to the store and the audience of roughly 75 people fits in, a nice fit in fact. The Melvins take the stage (there is a small stage in here) - Buzz is on the bass, Adam is on guitar, Dale drums - and begins talking with the audience. First, Dale asks everyone to sit down on the floor, the crowd politely complies. Buzz tells how they have no bassist because Kevin "just simply disappeared. just like on the Simpsons!"

Then they talk about playing a tour once where every show they asked someone in the crowd to play the drums - a fellow raises his hands and says he was one of those drummers. Buzz then asks if there is anybody in attendance who can play the bass. Ursula, sitting right in front, immediately raises her hand and the band invites her up to play a song. Buzz hands her his bass, he takes the mic. He and Dale crack a bunch of jokes back and forth about her potential bass playing - at seeing how she holds the bass Buzz asks her "What? Did you go to BIT?!". She asks what they want her to play, they tell her to play anything. She immediately sets them straight with a killer bass riff and the rest of the band joins in. It's a killer jam. Ursula rocks the bass, Adam adds in noise guitar shards, Buzz improvs vocals. The song is about 3.5 mins long. At the end the band is impressed, Dale asks her what the name of it was, she responds "I Really Love The Melvins!" We think he could've asked her anything and she would've answered just the same "I Really Love The Melvins!".

Adam at this point reminds Buzz of a show in Portland where they dressed Kevin up as a security guard. Buzz tells the story of Kevin as a security guard, working the pit between stage and audience all night up until the Melvins set. Kevin was being a typical bouncer, telling people not to sit somewhere or to put out their cigarette. When the Melvins take the stage they have no bassist and so ask the crowd if someone wants to play bass but then instead point to Kevin, still in bouncer mode, and ask him to play the bass for the show. He does throughout the whole night while Buzz and Dale act surprised and impressed at this security guards bass skills and how quick he learns and masters the songs. They kept the ruse up all night, never letting on that it was really Kevin Ass. The double punchline was the people thinking he was really just a bouncer and at the end of the night the real bouncers telling Kevin not to give up his night job with the Melvins.

They then launch into a semi-improv song called "Shaver Intro" - called as such due to Adam using an electric shaver to play his guitar with. Buzz on bass, Dale drums, no vocals. This song leads into a killer, noise-shard guitar'd rendition of Eye Flys.

At this point, Buzz says that they had asked Jello to come down to play the show but that Jello was being obstinate about it and that he wanted to sleep in till 3pm, not play a show at 2pm. Buzz says that after the next song they were going to call Jello on his cell.

Skypup is next. Again, Buzz on bass, Dale drums, Adam guitars.

At the end of the song Dale pulls out his cell and dials up Jello. He gets Jello's voice mail. Dale says that they're down at the in-store playing a show and, pointing the phone to the audience, says "Say Hi Jello". of course everyone yells it out. Dale and Buzz both then go on to berate Jello for not coming down and wanting to get his "beauty sleep". The tell him that this is the greatest store ever and that we've got tons of vinyl that Jello's never seen but too bad for him cuz he's not down here. At the end of the message Dale again points the phone at the crowd for a "Goodbye, Jello!"

Buzz then says that they were hoping that Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, was going to come down for the show and they were going to ask him to sing. Buzz asks if Nardwuar might be outside, Leslie (owner of the Electric Heavyland) opens the door to look and, lo and behold, there's Nardwuar standing across the street. Leslie hurries him over, telling him that he's being ask'd for.

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, walks in to the Melvins teasing him for not wearing a bathing suit. They then tell him to get to the stage to sing for them. Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, acts totally confused but in his typical fashion takes the mic and starts talking with everyone and the band. The banter is back and forth as they tease each other. Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, then asks the Melvins if they saw his band, the Evaporators, opening for the show the night before. Dale says he did. Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, asks him to prove it by saying what happened at the end of the show. Dale says "You played yr last song and then that was it." Everyone laughs. Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, says then that the audience participated - "Is this true, Dale Crover, of the Melvins?" Dales affirms in the positive. Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, then instructs everyone to all crouch on their knees and everyone complies, including the band. Dale does a drum roll and at the crescendo Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, instructs everyone to jump up and cheer! The audience participates happily. Two more times he does this, two more times the audience participates. Dale then says "I bet everyone didn't expect that their New Years Day was going to be spent taking orders from a Canadian!"

Meanwhile, throughout all this, Buzz and Adam have switched places. Buzz now on guitar, Adam on bass.

The Melvins then launch into "I Am The Owl" (Dead Kennedy's). Dale sings only the chorus.

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, then jumps onto the crowd and crowd surfs his way across the entire room, gets turned around at the door, and surfs all the way back to the front. Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, then runs into the crowd and instructs everyone to do the crouch and jump at the spinning crescendo of "I Am The Owl". Again, everyone complies. Then, Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, gets in the middle of the crowd and makes at least 20 people hold hands and gets them to do a Ring-Around-The-Nardwuar, the Human Serviette-pit in the middle of the store. Happily, everyone rings around Nardwuar, the Human Serviette. The song ends, The Melvins say thank you and Happy New Year to everyone, show over.

Five minutes later, Jello walks in the door, bummed that he missed the whole show!!!

Time played: 45 minutes.

Set List:

I Really Love The Melvins! (w/ Ursula on bass)

Shaver Intro

Eye Flys


Jello Phone Call

Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, Saves The Day

I Am The Owl (w/ Nardwuar, the Human Serviette).

After all was said and done, and the audience had all left, we got a special treat of getting to watch Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, interview Jello Biafra for 45 minutes, in our store, while we ate our lunch. If you've ever read or seen a Nardwuar, the Human Serviette, interview then you know it was hilarious, beyond priceless. a total bonus!

The Melvins all had a great time playing this show. Enterruption had a great time hosting them. The audience had a great time watching and participating.

Thank you Melvins!!! and Nardwuar, the Human Serviette!!  

Also of note is that this month we are hosting an in-store here, at the Electric Heavyland, by local artist Jilf (Jeff Warner) - Jeff designed and screen-printed a small poster for the Melvins show - see it here:

60x were made. We have 15x left, if anyone might be interested. They are $10ea and each one is hand-numbered and signed by Jilf. Contact us via

One hell of a way to start a new year!!!


- wm. + Leslie


& the Electric Heavyland

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Seattle, WA 98105 usa

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they should just make ursula the bassist and tell everyone lorax came back.