11/02/2005 Neumo's Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, WA w/ Jello Biafra

Started by Smellis, November 03, 2005, 09:40:19 PM

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What can I say. It was a night to remember. Altamont was great, Dale slayed with his Gibson Les Paul Gold Top, Toshi was rocking on keyboard and guitar. The Melvins set was sweet, pigs was cool it really punches you hard in the gut at the end. The Jelvins were tight as hell and Jello was prancing around doing his Jello thing. I think Buzz gets a kick out of him. I spoke with Buzz, Dale, and Jello and all were very cool as usual. Vinney, I asked Buzz about you and he said he remembered the interview and said most was true, peppered with occasional BS. The set list was the same as other shows, but Jelvins opened with halo of flies. Mark arm of Mudhoney was also there checking it out. This isn't the best review, but all I can say is I was blown away again by the amazing talent of these guys. And.....oh yeah...Moss kicks ass.  :x

I saw Rhett E. Rock there but didn't see the Reaper. I was able to spot Rhett because of his avatar pic.
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rhett E rock

hey, yeah awesome fucking show!!!  the Melvins played an iNSANE version of "The Bloated Pope", i don't think that was on the other sets was it? 

i was very upset though they only played half of Halo of Flies, maybe DSS doesn't know it all yet???  i wish he was the permanent bassist, he fucking rules.  i would love to be in a band with that guy.  my kind of style.

i wish i could remember the whole show, i was drunk when i showed up, and then the Reaper was buying me rounds.  THANK YOU REAPER!!!  i owe you a round.  you are one cool guy.  by the way, how'd that tape turn out? 

didn't anybody see this girl picking a fight with me and slugging me in the face.  that was some crazy shit!  this bitch was just hitting me for no reason.

all in all it was a great show.  Jello wasn't ranting that much and when he was it was funny.  or maybe i was just too drunk.  i think they were better than the last time they played.     


anyone know the whole Jelvins set? i know they did

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