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Started by Michael, October 16, 2006, 10:12:20 AM

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Why don't we start compiling a comprehensive list of previous set lists?  Sonic Youth's website had a very detailed one going for a while and with the Melvins playing pretty much the same set through an entire tour it shouldn't be too hard.  We could post it on the wikis (both the main one and the one Brian started).

Forgive me if this information is already readily available.

Although they play a lot of the same songs on most tours ("Night Goat", "Let It All Be"), it is really cool to see the songs they played once upon a time and subsequently dropped ("Jew Boy Flowerhead", "Shevil"). 

Here is the setlist for the 20th Anniversary tour:

Let It All Be
Lovely Butterfly
Youth Of America
Night Goat
With Teeth
Tipping The Lion
Promise Me
Black Stooges
It's Shoved
The Fool, The Meddling Idiot
Snake Appeal
Halo Of Flies


That's the idea of this wiki, Michael.

A lot of the shows already have setlists, posters etc and everything will be linked to the discography (a lot of which has already been done). From there, you can get album info, then song lyrics, guitar tab, etc and , eventually, see when each song was played.

Start posting any info you have.