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Started by danimal, February 05, 2008, 06:42:44 PM

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did anyone else get the isis single w/the melvins remix?  if so, does anyone else have the wrong tracks on it?


i ordered from amazon and was told it had shipped, will post an update once i get it


From Aaron Turner's blog:
as some of you may already know, the ISIS "holy tears" single that was scheduled to come out today, has been cancelled. we discovered at the last minute that the first song on the finished version of the single was the wrong song. what should've been "holy tears" was actually "wrists of kings". now while we like both songs, we figured we couldn't very well release a "holy tears" single with out that particular song being on the damn disc. oh well - it'll still come out, we're just not sure when.


so you'll be waiting a while yet, guyz


well, that solves that groovy mystery.  there are copies that are out there if anyone is looking.  two stores in my area (north nj) had copies.  the melvins track is there.


I've pre-ordered this and was going to wait, but due to them stuffing up the release I decided to download early.

The Melvins remix of Not In Rivers, But In Drops is OK - gets better as it goes on, but nothing amazing.

Looking forward to the Burial remix of Holy Tears on the NIRBID single though.

Chief Ten Beers

Jesus, way to go Ipecac. :oops: Not very professional. I pre-ordered mine a while ago from CD Universe, and it shipped Monday, so I should have it anyday now. If all that's missing is the CD version of Holy Tears, I'll keep it. I don't buy singles to listen to the A-side anyway.


i think i prefer it this way.  i don't need two versions of the same song on one cd.

Chief Ten Beers

 I'm sending mine back to CD Universe. Basically I paid $6 for a Melvins remix of an Isis tune, and a crappy live version recorded in a hockey arena :?. I couldn't get the video to work either. Enhanced CDs are so fucking '90s :lol:. I was under the impression this was going to be a dual-disc CD/DVD, so you could watch the video on a real sound system, not just your computer. If I want to watch it on my computer, I'll go to youtube. :x

I won't be buying anymore of these Absence Of Truth singles. Pointless. I'd rather listen to the album as a whole. I liked what they did with all the Oceanic remixes, putting them all out on a 2CD set after the vinyl(s) sold out.

The new video's not on youtube, probably will get pulled if someone posts it. But I did find this amusing :P