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Started by Idlehanz, February 21, 2008, 07:22:30 PM

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I like that shirt. For a while, all shirts from the cinder store came with a custom cinder neck tag. Didn't know about the dog shit comment Dumpster!

Dumpster D

It's from the archive of live melvins downloads someone once sent me from over at the Ipecac BBS wayyy back, someone once sent me the hidden link.

The Subtle Dog Shit comment, and shirt was around the time the Book came out near Just when Colossus of Destiny was Released if I can remember correctly....around Just after the Trilogy tour I think, hm...could have been after HAT and the Fantomas melvins big band show that shirt came out. The set they played was I think the split set they did with some covers like "now "I'm here" and "Tequila" etc....might have been a show with David Scott stone.

Definitely Kevin ass was there.

I forget who sent me the Link to all the Melvins bootlegs....but the password was probably NAMBLA.  :lol:


Dumpster D

Quote from: jules on March 17, 2019, 04:08:07 PM
There's a Melvins CD in amongst this lot, called "Heil Melvins!" with a bunch of their old covers on it. Not really too interesting, but there you are.

Interesting, didn't know about that CD...whats it got on it Jules?


That hard pan stereo separation... Ho boy. It's dramatic.

I still maintain "She's So Heavy" might be the first sludge/doom song. "Run For Your Life" seems more like an homage to Western / Country which often had outlaw themes.


Ha! Not sure how the hell I posted that to classifieds  :lol:

Properly moved over to music!


I'm thinning out some of my memorabilia from when I used to work in the music industry. I have a signed and numbered Angryblue poster from the August 4th, 2008 Chicago show. It's signed by the band and signed and numbered (81/90) by angry blue.

Two colors, black and blue. Wicked cool artwork, but my wife isn't a fan, and my music room is becoming a nursery.

It's  in very good condition, with a few inky smudges (have to look close) in the top corners and a really slight crease on the left side.I'll send closeup pictures of whatever if you send me an email address. 

I can include a cheap dollar store frame if you want. 

Located in southern New Hampshire. Willing to meet up to save from having to ship if you're in the area.


I'm still listing more and more of my collection

contact me on here to talk any offers etc,
prices always negotiable especially when doing bulk deals.
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Quote from: jules on May 22, 2019, 03:35:28 AM
Rare tote bag:
is that legit? if it's in brand new condition, why is it frayed at the top?
Essential Monsters provided some Melvins merch back then, there was this tote bag (yes, it's legit) and some awesome shirts with leathery patches sewn on them.