Atlantic 82532
Release: September 21, 1993
CD and Cassette
Japan CD version released by Eastwest Records w/ alternate track
LP Amphetamine Reptile Rec AmRep 532-1 w/ gatefold cover black wax edit. 5000
LP Atlantic Rec reissue w/ diff. cover & alternate track black wax

1 Hooch 2:50
2 Night Goat 4:41
3 Lizzy 4:44
4 Goin' Blind 4:32 - Kiss Cover
5 Honey Bucket 3:01
6 Hag Me 7:06
7 Set Me Straight 2:25
8 Sky Pup 3:50
9 Joan of Arc 3:36
10 Teet 2:51
11 Copache 2:07
12 Pearl Bomb 2:45
13 Spread Eagle Beagle 10:13

The alternate track on some versions is a cover of the MC5's "Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)", it replaced Spread Eagle Beagle because it is so long and wouldn't fit.

King Buzzo - Guitar, Vocals
Lori "Lorax" Black - Bass
Dale Crover - Drums, Vocals
Billy Anderson - Bass, Engineer, Mixing
Kurt Cobain - Guitar, Percussion, Producer, Mixing

Here is some interesting information sent in by Alan:
I worked at the recording studio where the Melvins recorded Houdini. I was only there a couple of times a week, but the only person I ever saw play bass was Billy Anderson. I never heard mention of anyone else. Buzz was a little angry that Cobain didn't come down early and do any pre-production for the album. Buzz felt that Kurt could have done more to shape the sound, talking about ideas, rather than just showing up to watch someone hit record. I talked to the other people who worked there and they said all they ever saw Cobain do was sleep. I felt that Billy was more of a producer on that album than anyone else. My favorite memory of talking to Buzz was on the first day, and we're just waiting around. He said something like, "I just did this interview for this guitar magazine, and they ask me about my technique. And I say, 'technique I don't have any technique, I just play.'"

Here are a couple pictures of Buzz taken during the early Houdini sessions in 1992 at Razor's Edge, San Francisco, sent to me by Billy Anderson

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