(1998) Amphetamine Reptile Records
8.23.97 at "the Corner Hotel" in Richmond, Melbourne
3 shows played were at this location:
Friday 22nd August 1997
Saturday 23rd August 1997 - record date
Sunday 24th August 1997

The Corner Hotel, 57 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne, Australia
The bands were The Onya's, The Melvins, and Cosmic Psychos (headlining). They played 3 shows as support to the Cosmic Psychos. The third show was mostly ambient/noise/experimental stuff.

1. Boris 6:06
2. It's Shoved 2:54
3. Bar-X-The Rocking M 1:58
4. Antioxidote 2:06
5. The Bloat 3:28
6. Lizzy 3:13
7. Mombius Hibachi 1:56

King Buzzo - Guitar and Vocals
Dale Crover - Drums and Vocals
Mark Deutrom - Bass

Recorded in Melbourne during the Australian winter of nineteenninetyseven. Special thanks to the Cosmic Psychos and Craig from Swiveldisc.

Michael from Australia sent this info in: "All the songs on this cd were from the second gig on 23rd august. I was the sound engineer for the melvins on that tour and made the original desk recording. The cd was made from a second generation cassette from that recording - pretty stupid huh! The third show had a lot of good stuff in it - lots of conversation going on onstage with disparaging comments about other musicians. Maybe one day it will see light of day!"

Eponymous from the bbs gave this info on the release:
• The animal that is roadkill on the cover is a dog, not a deer or a kangaroo. There are a lot of dogs in Australia. The angel on the back, I would say, is the same dead dog.
• The car on the back cover is a Holden Valiant, an Australian make of GM.
• A woman's pubic area slightly resembles Tasmania. Tasmania is an Australian State, an island just off the south-east of the mainland. In Australian slang, a "map of Tassie" refers to a vagina. Hence the photo on the inside cover.
• The Cosmic Psychos are a seminal Australian band and brought the Melvins out here to tour with them. It was the first time the Melvins had been to Australia and, at that time, the only way they were going to get here. The two bands released a split 7 inch single through Gearhead magazine. The Melvins covered "Can't Shake It", a song by The Angels, an Australian band who released stuff in the USA and elsewhere under the name of Angel City.
• It is Mark D, not Buzzo, who does the whole "Let that boy boogie-woogie" thing before "It's Shoved". It does sound like Buzzo, though. They did the same thing thoughout the tour. When you listen to it again, you have to picture Mark in his big cowboy hat, which made it all the funnier.
• The played three shows at the Corner Hotel on three consecutive nights. The Friday and Saturday night shows were pretty much the same, and as you hear it on the album. The Sunday night show, being the last night of the tour, was very different. The did a lot more of their experimental stuff, including a full-length version of Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive" which was considerably shortened on the other nights.
• By the way, the "trombone" on Bar-X The Rocking M was actually "sung" by Dale live. It sounded really good. I thought they were using backing tapes at first. They played in Melbourne again last night (and tonight as part of the Geek Tour) and opened their set with this song, but trombone duties were, unfortunately, taken over my Mike Patton.

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