The Melvins Trick and Riddle Book

This was sold on tour in the U.S. in 2004 with the H.A.T. cd. Here's further info straight from the guy who put it all together.

A little while back I got asked to put together something for the new tour.
It turned into a 5" X 5" mini book made to kind of accompany the Hostile Ambient Takeover cd from a little while back. Its 64 pages packed with random things I had compiled/designed as well as some help from the rest of the Burlesque crew. It also features a bunch of pages done by some gigposters people-
3 page mini comic by King Mini aka Vincent Stall Several pages of Amy Jo/ Tooth (Dale Flattum of Steel Pole Bathtub) collaborations Aesthetic Apparatus page Various illustrations from Aaron Horkey
It will be sold on tour with the CD and possibly on it's own. also on tour, you've got new t-shirts to look forward to (one based on the Aesthetic Apparatus grumpy's poster from this year), button sets, the new album, and of course, the ridiculous poster series by Diesel Fuel Prints.
-Wes 8.25.04

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