Bassist Morgue

Welcome to the Bassist Morgue, let me know if anything is wrong on these folks or if you have anything to add, it would be much appreciated.

Matt Lukin

Lori Black(Lorax)

Joe Preston

Mark Deutrom

Dave Scott Stone - yeah i know he played guitar but he's the only one so i put him here

I've heard from various people that these people also played bass, I don't have enough info on what they did, pics, etc. to make a page. Send me your info on what they did.

Tom Flynn played on "God Of Thunder." It was recorded in Seattle on the Melvins U.S. tour for Ozma. He did two U.S. tours with the band as a fill in bass player. He played in Fang, Star Pimp, and Rudolph (with Smelly from Plainfield..they were great, but released nothing).

Dave Sahijdak, who was in a band called  Mol Triffid was spotted in Ann Arbor, MI with a jazz combo "Dave Sharp Quartet". Dave Sahijdak is in the state of Michigan, rehearsing with Peter Larson of Bulb Records and his wife Fumie to expand their band 25 SUAVES into a three piece. I'm not sure if he recorded anything with the melvins but he toured with them, and appeared on the HYPE! Documentary.

Billy Anderson played on two tracks of HOUDINI...("Hag Me and Teet".) he was playing guitar in a band called Spilth*!% and has since played guitar in the Rake, Blessing the Hogs, and bass in PORN (the men of) with Tim Moss & Dale Crover, along with producing records by hundreds of strange, loud bands. In addition to the few NYC shows (one including the infamous Manhattan Sheraton hotel suite show....)

Gene Simmons (from KISS) played bass with the melvins at a couple of lollapalooza shows in 93 or 94. Gene Simmons also played bass at a Primus/ Melvins show in L.A. At the Palladium in '93 . It was only for one song (Goin’ Blind ). He accidentally locked his bass in the backstage room so there was a 3-4 minute pause between the song before and when he actually came out to play. Mark D. played guitar on that song. Gene and Buzz and dale all sang.


Bill Bartel recorded some stuff with them.

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