Joe Preston

Also known as Stinky and Salty Green, he played on Lysol, plus his Solo ep, and the Nightgoat single. He was also on Salad of a thousand Delights.

Below is a list of the many projects Joe has been involved with.

THRONES is the solo project of Joe, first surfacing with a cassette on the Punk in My Vitamins label. The "Reddleman" seven-inch soon followed, and after a split single with Behead the Prophet, Thrones signed to Communion to issue the 1996 full-length Alraune. A move to Kill Rock Stars preceded the single "The Suckling." A compilation, Some Songs, appeared soon after, and in the spring of 2000 Thrones resurfaced with the EP Sperm Whale, which was later released on cd with the White Rabbit EP.

16 minutes of live footage and a short interview can be found here.

Rockbites interview: The Thrones
The Thrones (h2so4)
Ink 19 :: The Throne


Joe joined High on Fire for their Summer of 2004 tour, no word on whether or not he will be recording their next album with them.

Joe recently joined these guys to record their two albums White-1 and White-2, and he has toured with them on bass and electronics duties i believe.

SUNN 0))) is a side project of Khanate/Burning Witch (Steve O' Malley) and Goatsnake (Greg Anderson) members. It was formed in memory of the cult drone-riff founders EARTH and honors the beautiful Ozma. The SUNN0))) mission is to create trance like soundscapes with the ultimate low end/bottom frequencies intended to massage the listeners intenstines into a act of defecation. SUNN 0))) have gathered 2x for live performances, at which they have succesfully made audience members instantly nauseous, or better yet run for the toilet in terror.

here's what dylan from earth had to say about joe's time spent in the band(note: one side of a story):
"During show with Screaming Trees the drum machine first becomes a problem , with Joe repeatedly stepping on the pedal and restarting songs half way through. Joe's dream becomes reality. He is asked to join the Melvins. He can't leave earth fast enough. Dream becomes nightmare when his bitter, money-grubbing ways do not endear him to his employers. The Melvins can him. He takes revenge by bootlegging earth 7in's."

Joe played bass on Extra-Capsular Extraction(earth 1) which was released in 1991

Joe was involved in a band with former members of Karp:

Rumbling, syncopated thunder and sheet after sheet of destructive lightning are the basic elements of THE WHIP’s tumultuous sound. This debut single of Seattle, Washington's most anticipated hard rock band in at least a decade is a timeless, merciless thwacking force.
The Whip pick it up right around where Tumwater’s KARP left off and continue to ride feral, fire-steeds through the cloudy skies of the West. The Whip reconvenes two thirds of Karp and 100% of Joe Preston’s Thrones to thunder itself into the collective psyche of America and the world beyond. While other hard and/or heavy acts stick to comfortable rock modes, the Whip move hard rock in the direction it deserves to go: Upward.
Freelance Liaison/Sheep and Goat Judgment 7"
An interview from

Unfortunately the drummer of this band died in a boating accident, an obituary is posted here.

MANCAMPUS played again! On the night of March 28th, 2002, Local drum and voice agents PANAMA, LA unfortunates John Wiese and HERR K, and an unbelievably low turnout of god's chosen people gathered at 1820 state street, olympia, to see the first MANCAMPUS show in 2 years! The well is not yet dry. MANCAMPUS = ABREACTION, as all of our foul smelling innermost sanctums came bursting out in a collective swell of catharsis. Tears flodded the basement floor, emotion and smoke being the main perps. All were forced upon their knees after many "songs" (a new term must be created...) by our new LORD, thus causing a concurrent explosion of joy and pain not seen since, well, the last MANCAMPUS show. MANCAMPUS assured us of his continued friendship and collaboratin with THRONES, and plans for the split LP have not been forgotten. If you all would just get the fuck out of his house, then maybe he could get some work done. Long live MANCAMPUS!!!!!!!!!!!
He is credited with bass,keyboard,vocals,programming on the Men's Recovery
album Resist the New Way. (Vermiform Records VMFM 53)

Joe played on a couple of this "band"'s releases, and did various things.
Witchypoo Salutes the Space Program 7"
Pitching Woo CD
Olympia Must Die 7" - This one has a cover of the Melvins' 'Anal Satan'

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