AmRep announced that they'll be releasing Chaos as Usual, a Melvins and Le Butcherettes split 10"/CD in time for their summer tour. This release features Jeff Pinkus on bass and they just posted the track "Captain Comedown" from it for your streaming pleasure! Rumor has it the 10" may not be ready in time for the beginning of the tour, but the CD's will and the 10" will definitely be there in time for BASH 15 at Grumpy's in the All-American city of Minneapolis. AmRep is also working on another run of 50 of the Bride Screamed Murder art editions, and they also have an empty box to put all your Sugar Daddy splits in!


Chaos as Usual cover art by HAZE XXL
"Captain Comedown" track from Chaos as Usual Melvins/Le Butcherettes tour 10". This one features Pinkus (Butthole Surfers/Honky) slinging bass. Enjoy...

Posted by (the) Melvins on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trevor Dunn
 posted a few photos recently hinting at more Melvins Lite material being recorded!

SPIN featured a couple unreleased Tres Padres songs Dale recorded with Lou Barlow, check those out! Father's Day & A Lot to Maintain

Dale appeared on the Trap Set podcast recently to talk about drumming and life in general, great listen!

 Brian Walsby's Love Parody Melvins T-ShirtIf you're in the market for a new Melvins shirt, look no further than Brian Walsby and Bifocal Media's new parody of Love's "Forever Changes"  album art. It features Buzz, Dale, Jared, Coady, Trevor, and Pinkus!

The band recently announced they'll be playing two nights at the Incubate Fest in Tilburg (The Netherlands) - "1 band, 2 nights: During Incubate 2015, The Melvins will perform two unique shows under the denominator 'Two nights with The Melvins' on Tuesday September 15 and Wednesday September 16 in Midi Tilburg."

Rolling Stone recently shared avid baseball fan Buzz's preview of Los Angeles Dodgers: "Money doesn't buy championships; there's too many millionaire cancers on the team right now." - Buzz

Speaking of sports, Buzz also appeared recently on the Steve Gorman show on Fox Sports radio. His appearance starts about halfway through the link.

The Melvins just released an awesome 88 page picture book of their t-shirt designs, it was a limited edition of 99. 

Buzz & Tom Hazelmeyer of Amphetamine Reptile Records were recently interviewed by Death or Glory

Poster art by HAZE XXL

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