Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam/Soundgarden, etc) recorded a 5-song vinyl exclusive with Buzz, Dale, Steven and Toshi for Record Store Day – get it this Friday after Thanksgiving at your favorite local record store! More details at Revolver.


Matt says: "I have always been a massive Melvins fan. They are a huge influence on me as a musician and a big part of our early Seattle music scene. I reconnected with the Melvins in 2019 when they performed at the Chris Cornell tribute concert in LA. I emailed Buzz after and asked if he, Dale, Steven and Toshi could help record some songs I had written and they were totally up for it. I also collaborated with Nate Yaccino and Meagan Grandall on this project. I decided to pay tribute to the Melvins by reimagining the artwork/title for their seminal release Gluey Porch Treatments. Enjoy! "

1 - Our Time  2 - Right Thing To Do  3 - Down The Middle  4 - Better Life  5 - Top To Bottom

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