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Dale was in to the speedo only back in the 90's

who the hell are you and why must you be ill informed. he wore it at least up until 2004. since then ive seen him in biker shorts.

addendum: maybe i'll make a mumu for this tour. what era should it be from? i think i remember one with the frilly collar and flower print being the most obnoxious and gaymelvinsish, but the F and U were pretty funny. Also- no one can mess with the classic X. I mean say you happen to be drawing a picture of buzz or reflecting on a mumu moment- doesn't the X normally come to mind?

Also. This year. I want to do the Melvins interview.
You could rock the camo with a big "DY" on the front and "TM" on the back.  I'll buy you at least 3 rounds if you wear it.

and give up my anonymity? make an ass out of myself? the temptation is that of a gay strolling in central park around 1940 after dusk. consider it considered.
Oh yea, you are sort of anonymous.  Offer off the table :)


For the HAT tour I saw them wearing the black tunics with a + shaped cross.  It was very medieval looking (which is why I said tunic).  That was my first melvins show so that image of buzz standing 3 feet in front of towering over me with a Halo of stage lit fuzz slashing at that les paul with a grizzled stare--wel that image stuck.  Then on the PORE tour they wearing the F U version.  The first SA tour, I think, had the weird anatomy prints sewn on I'm a little fuzzy on that one though.  The second sported the camo. 


I haven't posted here in a long time because I had no reason to say anything, but..

Dale Bendover Crover is possibly the funniest thing I've ever read.

Thank you.
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