The Bride Screamed Murder

Started by blewis, March 08, 2010, 03:43:22 PM

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Kolonel Kurtz Kobain

I'd rather be at Dodger Stadium...

Uncle Fester

After I heard it was on youtube I had to check it out... I listened to it... then downloaded it because I needed it in better quality... god damn it. so much for waiting til june. Ill buy the album for the artwork and support regardless.
but the album.... it's really seperated from that asa and nwb sound. they are way tighter this time around and really showing more experimental elements going into a deeper musical realm. the random organs in some songs give alot of personality. now that I have heard the album, the title seems very fitting.

black stallion

the artwork for the new album is sick,love it!



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Like Stee

The cover makes a lot more sense when you see the whole pacakge.  On its own I think it's a little weak.  I like it a lot more after seeing the rest of the artwork.  Thanks for posting JZS.


I haven't been excited to buy a new melvins album since I finished high school in the fall of... what, 06? Damn.

Smash the State


Bought it.

Listened to it.

Loved it.

Ordered a pizza.


holy hell....
TBSM is fan-fucking-tastic.
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After listening to this album for almost a month...I already want new(er) material.

My autographed copy just came in today.

I'm seeing them both nights in Boston.

This summer is going to destroy everything (positively).
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Quote from: TheSwingSet on June 01, 2010, 01:10:00 PM
holy hell....
TBSM is fan-fucking-tastic.

Just listened to it for the first time.  You are correct sir! 

The album is all over the place, but somehow feels very cohesive.
I know i'm prejudiced and all but not many bands put out an album this adventurous.
Thank you Melvins!...4....4....4....

5w33t 1ntu1t10n

I've avoided all TBSM related threads since it leaked, and made myself wait until tonight - the night before the AZ show - to finally take a listen.  I have to say that I got a slightly uncomfortable feeling when the album started.  It's weird, not in the usual Melvins weirdness that I've become accustomed to, but different this time.  It was as if I forgot what the Melvins were supposed to sound like, and I was listening to them for the first time again, and being slowly drawn into their awesomeness all over again.  I think it's going to take a few more listens for the album to really grow on me, for sure on certain songs (I'm not digging The Water Glass), or maybe after I see it live it'll all make sense again.  But for now I'm reliving the first time I was exposed to the band, and being further imersed in all their glory.
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This is my favorite release since POTRE.  Lot's of variety, yet still unified.  Lot's of tasty bits in the details.  Lot's of little things going on here and there.

Uncle Fester

I take back what I said about the bride screamed murder breaking loose  from asa and nwb sound.... I think I hear different variations of old riffs from asa/nwb in alot of songs on tbsm.