Kurt and Buzz...

Started by pinkyslim, December 07, 2011, 01:37:51 PM

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black stallion


(the) Razor

Don't click this


Metalhead Cow

Buzzo won the school's "Forestry Award"?  :lol:

Dumpster D

Did that end up selling, if so, how much ? if anyone saw.


Buzz looks like a silent film actress in that picture.

How cute he was.
No wonder Mackie calls him a teddy bear.

Although he reminds me more of a Monchhichi:

Keep your Arsch together, Sie werden seitlich gefickt.


"To be honest i've kind of gone off the band a bit now. I just like to hang out on here because of everyone else."
-jules from brighton quoting - Ian from Staffs.


Great companion item for the Melvan.
Hail, not fail.
PS:  fuck him.

Dumpster D

serves as an Even GREATER companion when I run out of Toilet paper in my bathroom.

Whoever is selling that probly is one of their former classmates trying to make it rich of the corpse of a dead rockstar.

wonder if the seller still lingers on in Aberdeen, needs money for crack?  :o