The Bulls & The Bees

Started by MrLuck87, December 13, 2011, 11:41:52 AM

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Metalhead Cow


Don't over think this.  It's the melvins.  Though this current line up is not my favorite, the melvins, no matter what line up, is still a million times better than any other crappy new music out there.  In fact, I'd buy a double album full of Theresa screams or pure digital silence-type songs before the thought would even enter my mind to purchase any other fake indie crap or over produced over hyped pop album. 

The song may not be perfect in your mind because its not what you expect.  When have the boys ever cared about what anyone has thought?  And they certainly don't care about what any of us think they should sound like.  So...don't over think it and just enjoy some new tunes from the best band to ever exist.

(Stepping off of my soap box).   
Is Ian back yet??

Dumpster D

uh, Is there new melvins right now...uh...shit...uh...gotta go~  :shock:


This track is all melvins; lively, crazy drums, fun, twisted, there's drone and weird vocals, and the last part at the end where it speeds up needs to go on for 5 more minutes. It's everything you SAY you want from your favorite band, but can't stop bashing it, because you're jaded, until you reach the point that it becomes self evident you're foolish...then you'll buy all the limited editions and claim, "It just took a while to grow on a wart."
"whiskey and axe handles"
- buzzo, boston, june 2010

(the) Razor

The song itself is great, good mix, great drums and riffs, but the whole thing suffers to what amounts as a serious problem that has developed over the last few years.

The vocals are fucking god awful.
Don't click this

Captain CoryCory

Listening to the new tune now... This song is alright!

Love the dueling vocals on this in the start of the tune. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending of the song (It makes me think of Baroness, a band I'm not exactly rabid about not to mention it's a bit cheesy.) but I'll give the EP a shake for sure!

Uncle Fester


Well, we'll always have "In the Air Tonight." Will that be your most enduring song?
You know, that song won't lie down. It just won't go away. I mean, there's a Mike Tyson moment associated with it now. It's just bizarre. I guess it has a bit of mystery, a lot of atmosphere, and the drums coming in, pinning people to the wall.

Metalhead Cow

Metalhead Cow

I really love Jared's vocals. That being said, I can see how people would hate them.


if anything the new melvins has been wearing thin with me. hoping freak puke will reel me back in.
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Brilliant story, Ian!  :lol:  :lol: And what harm has Ian ever done to Fart that he deserves to be harrassed no matter what he writes, even when it's funny and brilliant as fuck? Digger > Nigger and an Fuck > Shut!  :lol:

dijk cheese

well, i'm listening to it a day later, after listening to most of bullhead, after a nice amount of drinks. perfect situation to listening to music one wants to like. but i'm sorry. this is shite. it really is. once again, after a minute (those intro drums are good), what the fuck are you guys on about?

don't wanna hammer or intrude on someones fun, but i've also read comments here how nothings being produced thats worth listening too, well... good luck to ya but im a 33 year old man and theres a whole lot of good shit happening that's well worth a listen and unfortunately this song is not part of this.

this is shit.

but, i love you guys.
i say i can't, but i really mean i won't.

black stallion

Quote from: homeless_dad on February 25, 2012, 04:14:42 PM

The song may not be perfect in your mind because its not what you expect. 

or because it sounds exactly like what we expected  :P


John Schuller

I have listened to the song once. I was really tired and in an airport after a 6 hour flight and preparing for an 8 hour flight. Now that I am in Krakow I am going to listen again.

I really like the song. I do not want the Melvins to be anything but what they are and when they are. This is all just another step in their progression. I remember back when a good friend of mine was all pissed when Stoner Witch came out. He said the bass playing was too fancy and the album was nothing like Bullhead or Lysol.

Melvins have been evolving since 1983. This is a good thing. Even if there is not a particular era one may not like as much as another, you can bet that there will be much more on the horizon. I mean, now we have multiple versions of Melvins existing at the same time. How fucking cool is that?

black stallion

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Sounds like a leftover. :D
yep, you said it.
Im gonna risk being the bad guy and say I don't think its that great. buzzos singing parts are cool though. I still cant stand jared.

i had to turn it off halfway through, found it annoying. i'll try again later.
i have hope for the melvins lite.
do you think it sounds just kinda weak? like they are just trying to re-imagine ASA, but not really improve it? this is also what happens when you write so many songs you feel compelled to go back in the closet and dig out some riffs. then instead of conveying your realtime emotions within the entire song, you get flashbacks, causing it to just sound the same. i've learned not to go back as much, and try to write in the moment. that was wayyy to introspective. alas, this well may go dry pretty soon. time to kick out the bassist.

many of the songs, including this one conjure up images of college boys getting drunk with heaps of "fuck yeahs" and high fives going around. it has that annoying all american sound, i don't know how to explain it, just how it sounds to me.

you explained it pretty well,i can see your point there. it seemed a lot of people on here loved that Guns song on the last BB record though