The War On Wisdom VIDEO

Started by (((O))), March 13, 2012, 12:13:33 PM

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Quote from: DC (the dickman) Hart on March 13, 2012, 05:52:12 PM
Somebody hook with up that the hottie in the glasses at the end! I gotta get some stills and make a gif, rawr!

(maybe onna you guys can do this

but take out the kids?)
)))((( disagrees.
Quote from: JASONALEXANDER on March 08, 2024, 11:35:21 PM
Brilliant story, Ian!  :lol:  :lol: And what harm has Ian ever done to Fart that he deserves to be harrassed no matter what he writes, even when it's funny and brilliant as fuck? Digger > Nigger and an Fuck > Shut!  :lol:


I like the video.. It's clever, pretty funny.. And very Melvinsy.

   At least we have a new Melvins video to discuss (Been awhile) Thank you Scion


Quote from: norecess on March 15, 2012, 10:36:44 AM
Quote from: homeless_dad on March 15, 2012, 10:25:38 AM
It might help or make things worse either way at least we'd know your opinion was based on intelligent thought prosess and not a knee-jerk reaction.

are you referring to comments like AWESOME!!!!, BEST VIDEO EVAH!!!!! and are the melvins capable of doing something that's nOT THE COOLEST THING IN THE WORLd?????? etc.?


If those people who like the video had more to say than "cool" it would be more interesting to read bit you missed my point.  Those "cool vid" type of comments aren't causing a ruckus.  I still consider myself new here so I don't know who's legit and who's here just to ruffle feathers.  An explanation would help understanding of an opinion.

Besides, for me its more interesting to read why someone didnt like something and have an intelligent reason about a topic.

Is Ian back yet??


Hey Lunica, don't get too worked up by the inarticulate ramblings of pot-addled posters.  Useless posts from certain people, along with the snark-fueled vitriol of Pinky, are the two biggest wastes of space on this otherwise wonderful board. The fact that both of them are allowed to stick around under Haze's regime while someone with something truly meaningful to say, like Stallion, is banned is a cause for alarm.

I for one was utterly shocked to learn of the new policy. It does a serious disservice to the board and the Melvins community in general. The biggest problem comes with context. To have someone who has contributed to this board on a daily basis with wit and clarity expunged for one pithy negative comment is a travesty. I get a lot more out of the occasional trite comment from someone whose opinion I have come to acknowledge and respect over the course of the last several years than some Johnny-Come-Lately who waxes like a hysterical halfwit.

I have been a member of this board for nigh eight years and although I post rarely, I visit on an almost daily basis. While we've had our fair share of dust-ups and occasional troll invasions, for the most part this board has been a paragon of virtue compared to most other boards in this series of tubes. Thanks to Brian's benevolent patronage and the expert work of the moderators, we have managed to keep this place mostly civil for quite a long time. To have that cheapened by knee-jerk reactionism is an outright shame.

With that I bid you all a fond adieu. I expect to be taken out back and shot for this, and if I'm mistaken than Haze's banishments are even more ludicrous than I thought.

Oh and for good measure, the video is pretty bad. I could go into a series of salient points about how it plays cute and there is nothing of worth to chew on, but what's the point?

"He who laughs last doesn't get the joke."

(the) flutter nuts

Did the Melvin's even have that much to do with what the video was about or was it mostly the directors project?
I got the shits real bad.

black stallion

Quote from: (the) flutter nuts on March 15, 2012, 12:27:09 PM
Did the Melvin's even have that much to do with what the video was about or was it mostly the directors project?

QuoteOther than [Scion] asking us to do it? It seemed like a pretty good deal, we



Quote from: black stallion on March 15, 2012, 05:22:01 AM
Luni,you have nothing to explain because nothing was wrong. please,keep on sharing your own opinion on this board

dumpster drama is outta line.


Quote from: Dumpster D on March 14, 2012, 01:38:33 AM
you know something?

I was going to watch this, just like I was going to have a listen to the Bull&the Bees.

I just now, finally lost all respect for a couple of you bigtime. and lost interest in taking a gander myself, I'm a FAN, I get inside the animals! but that doesn't mean I'm less than a man for making a beast of myself. The critic around here is too painfully ignorant and impulsive. 

Wonder if  even I AM  (and I am really "that" cool of a guy most of the time)  pretty pissed at a couple of you, what about the essential source of this wellspring of fan forums....I GOT TO wonder how they feel about your hasty words???



bonvoyage I guess.  :(
so you cant listen to bulls and the bees and watch the video because some people said something that you dont like?



Guys come on, i know we all have differing opinions here (and that's great of course) but can't we just enjoy the video somewhat and leave all the dissing out of this hey? No one wants to argue on here and least of all about a music video of all things. Lets bring back the love!

(the) flutter nuts

fuck ,  this song really is creating a "war on wisdom" ha
I got the shits real bad.


Dumpster D

Fine, I'm out of line.

Lunica, I wasn't exactly being specific to just you, taking it as a direct attack on you was NOT my intention so chill, please? plus you call me a Drama queen and whiner?   

Why not just blame this whole thing all on me?

I am completely responsible for this "bad" video ok? I did it. It was ALL me. SERIOUSLY.

I put them up to it. Just ask Jules, he knows what I'm talking about.

I put subliminal thoughts into all of your heads while you sleep.

so from now on if you don't like what the melvins are putting out, just call me at home and yell and hiss and moan, I am here for you.

I'm opening the complaint holtine if you got problems from now on.

just PM me with all your concerns and qualms, I'll give you my number and you can Deliver pizza to my house I didn't order or something ok? or call me at 4 in the morning (that wont exactly work since I rarely sleep)

but it won't make you happy.

Chowder Chucker

Good song...good video. Would've been twice as awesome if those kids had been wearing neon-colored camouflage to match their super-soakers.
This signature has been banned.
It rubbed the right person, the wrong way.

(the) flutter nuts

Quote from: Dumpster D on March 15, 2012, 04:06:00 PM

I'll give you my number and you can Deliver pizza to my house I didn't order or something ok?

when i  was a kid we'd always order pizza to random people's house's all the time for fun, yeah i live in a small town
I got the shits real bad.