9-7-15 Wonder Ballroom Portland, OR

Started by Von Grip, September 07, 2015, 09:21:25 PM

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Good to hear Phoenix isn't so special in the knuckle dragger department.  :D
"Get off of our stage. If you want on this stage, get in show business." -King Buzzo
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Such a great show! Didn't think I'd run into you idle. Great pics! So fuckin happy they did at the stake.


this was the only of the three shows i planned to catch that i was actually able to attend. ended up watching the whole show from the bar balcony which was a fresh perspective. anybody else notice the less than stellar sound department? i recall not hearing buzz very much and hearing high freq feedback several times.

on a side note, talked to buzz after the show and tried to ask if he'd let me do a job-shadow like deal with them sometime but i think i fell on deaf ears... or more accurately i think buzzes polite listening ears fell on awkward star struck word fumbling lol

needless to say i dont think he was interested haha

you all probably noticed my previa minivan parked right outside the door all night though haha


It's weird, sound is much better on the floor than the balcony.  Just realized it's the first show I've been to at Wonder that I didn't even go up to the balcony.


yeah my wife was in a car accident last week and was in no mood to be in the moshing vicinity