What is the longest set Melvins has played in history?

Started by BERZERKER, October 19, 2017, 04:51:12 AM

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they also played double sets in 1996 with Mark D and in 2000 (2 x 4 tour) with Kevin and David Scott Stone.
Can somebody explain why was it called "2x4"? Is that a reference to something?
(I suspect it's some American thing and that's why I don't get it)

tour was in the year 2000 ...

two and four zeros
20,000?  :shock:

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Two sets, four people.

bUTT is from a clearly more intelligent present
It was a big night out on the town for the Id and the Reptile Brain ...

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I wish they'd do a 4x2 tour.  Four sets with just Buzzo and Dale.

John Schuller

I would like a six set show.

Crystal Fairy (opener)


Melvins 1983 (first set)
Melvins Lite (second set)
Melvins Modern (third set - Steven on Bass of course!)
Melvins Big (fourth set - Big Biz Melvins)
Butthole Melvins (fifth set - with Paul and Pinkus doing Hold It In)
Jelvins (sixth set - with Kevin on bass!)


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I would like a six set show.
I'd settle for Melvins Lite opening followed by a Rutmanis era line-up.


It probably wasn't as long as the triples sets in the 90s? But in 2009 they had green river open for 1.5 hours which was painful, then they opened for themselves as buzz and dale and did a short set, then opened for themselves again as melvins 83 and played all the way through mangled demos, then did all of Houdini with Trevor Dunn. That was a long ass set. Especially starting with an hour and a half of poorly mixed green river. But the melvins end of the set was so killer! That's maybe not the longest set they've done but counting green rivers set it was certainly the longest show I've ever been to.


Was that the showbox? I super duper did not like Green River either. Ape show though.