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Started by ))))((((, July 18, 2018, 11:01:11 AM

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The long rant against tax was kind of dumb.

Buzz, our tax pay all the efficient roads you need to travel in your Tour, otherwise you will be stuck in LA (or Montesano, even worse). The same for the heavily subsidized airplanes industry so you can tour in Europe
Also your getting old and eventually you will end up on social security.

Buzz at the beginning of the interview; "Tax are bad!"
Buzz at the end of interview; " has never been better than now. We live longer, food is better.."

Geez I wonder why....

But I really liked the explanation on how he carefully plan his tour
Luck is a residue of design


Buzz's political rants always made me laugh because he's so adamant about how musicians should never, ever talk about politics since that isn't their job. His examples seem to exclusively include people on the other end of the spectrum from him though, wonder why  :P