1st cd???

Started by grungy grunge, June 11, 2005, 05:04:12 PM

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Green Honey

i started with stoner witch, then stag, lysol, honky, singles 1-12...


The answer is Stoner Witch.


Quote from: RichieGoodtimesThe answer is Stoner Witch.

best album to get first.
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grungy grunge

hey! well befor i got all ur sugestions on what to get i orderd bullhead but as newzealand is suich a shit place to find good music i had to order it from america which cost heaps more....i must say THE MELVINS ARE FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!!!!! i dont usuly go for stuff with this much heavy druming and guitaring but i think there are awsome!!!


in case no ones already suggested it.....Stoner Witch would be a good introduction.


that avatar looks familiar....wasnt there a forumite here who had the same one?


Yeah, either Houdini or Stoner Witch. I would recommend Houdini more as a first though.


Quote from: thegrumpylil'hermitthat avatar looks familiar....wasnt there a forumite here who had the same one?

if you are referring to the one with the nerve-gassed eyes, then yes.  i used to use it when i first joined.  it is one from the gallery.  i was always surprised not to see more people using it.  i think it's a cool one.
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Quote from: AlmightyRetardgo get H.A.T!


That was my first melvins album, Its real class  :twisted:


In keeping with their own detached nature, they actually titled their first album "Our First Album".

It's not completely unlike when Steve Albini was mad that he had to put out a record in a format that everyone bought and was easy to manufacture, the Compact Disc, and railed against the standard by calling his new record "The Rich Man's Eight-Track Tape".

Hog log

get houdini
get stoner witch
get lysol
get stag


and so on ...

Dog Tired

i think he should get stag first, he already has some noise in from listening to nirvana, and it wouldnt be anything different.

king fuzzo

Get first Houdini,HAT,Stoner witch


I bought Houdini and Stoner Witch at the same time. Those are great. I think I bought Bullhead and Lysol next. Lysol I felt ripped off cause it was 15 bucks and just one track. It is actually 6 songs (feels like 5) and two of them are cover songs. One by Alice Cooper, the other by Flipper. It's really awesome but you'd probably better ease yourself into it.
Stag is one of their best albums, it was their third Atlantic release, and I'd say get it definitely, but it has been out of print for about 5 years at least.
I'd save their Ipecac releases for last, quite honestly.