Started by Lunica, April 02, 2006, 07:53:33 AM

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Look at the sketches and vote for your favorite!

anaconda - shit out your neck cocktail
4 (8.9%)
anaconda - caesar rifle massacre
1 (2.2%)
anaconda - doggys rear window (asscrack remix)
2 (4.4%)
captain pungent - hammer smashed face
2 (4.4%)
meanclown - pink n brown knitting queen
1 (2.2%)
green honey - crazy cross combo
1 (2.2%)
captian pungent - multitasking pukeface
4 (8.9%)
vcavallo - photobucket fuck shirt
0 (0%)
captain pungent - bunnyturtle mating scene
0 (0%)
klump&lunica - insect polka indeed
28 (62.2%)
don chente - blood red cross
1 (2.2%)
don chente - we've got a hostage situation
1 (2.2%)

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hot pink was meant to be a joke, but i would be funny to see a hardcore metalhead in a hot pink shirt :)
the only pink shirt i have is a "plan 9 from outer space" shirt.

i stopped buying white shirts.. they to not stay white too long.. i wore my bungle shirts just a couple of times, and now its in the drawer, cause i don't want to ruin it.

and black shirts.. i'm tired of looking like a domino piece. if they're black, they need color print, which is expensive. unless you can come up with a good price of course :)

but i think they should be color (the print could be black or white though.. to get the costs down. i think black is cheaper) so we should try to come up with a color everyone will settle with.. if thats not possible, we could make one black version, and one color version, or get a color chart from the printing guy..

how about green? blue? dark red? yellow? any other suggestions?
i don't have a square to spare. can't spare a square.


Green was the first color that came to my mind. This shade:


i'm up for that.
green it is then!
i don't have a square to spare. can't spare a square.



nooooo, green good, but maybe not THAT green. how about just a tad lighter, a bit more pastel?
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Kevin said that.


i LOVE green.
it's the color.



what about goldenrod? also known as security yellow:


or blue black, with an opaque white ink:


not such a fan of white ink.  brownish red on greenish green like in the sample that klumpo and luny posted at first was kinda cool.  i don't care
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Yeah, not too fussed as long as it's not pink.

Just let klump and luny decide seeing as they won the vote by so much.  They've got our vote of confidence it seems.


I'd like Black!! But if nobody agrees i'd be happy with any dark colour, like anaconda's blue black or similar.

Now, i have a question. I couldn't quite understand what was meant by the Paypal thing. Does the person who wants to buy a shirt have to have a paypal account? If so, i think this is maybe bad for some. Maybe some more options for payment. I'd be happy to send a money order to someone if that would work. Would it work? Cause i don't have paypal or a credit card or anything.

rhett E rock

Quote from: anaconda on April 10, 2006, 07:58:34 PM
or blue black, with an opaque white ink:

i like this color, maybe with white ink.  or maybe a red shirt with black ink.  do we have to have just one color?...maybewe could have 2different versions???


i'm sure there will be other payment options, but the person who gets in charge of printing the shirts will have to have a paypal address so he can receive money from all the foreigners :) i like the idea of two different versions as long as the expenses don't go sky high.

so blue for the ladies and pink for the lads it is! (duh)

i don't have a square to spare. can't spare a square.


paypal won't be required.  cash or money order will be fine and dandy I would think.  but paypal just expidites things with not having to wait for mail delivery of funds.
I agree with the 2 options things as well.  maybe 2 different colors.
green seems to be popular.  and then maybe black?
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Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care.