Courtney Love claims she stopped Buzz...

Started by mothra665, January 29, 2008, 03:30:24 PM

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Hummm... [-X

"Courtney Love claims she stopped Buzz Osborne from knowingly giving Kurt Cobain a "hot shot", or a lethal injection of heroin. She revealed this while blogging about why she doesn't like Kim Gordon. Both Gordon and Osborne were close friends with Cobain, and to date Gordon is the only one of his friends who has publicly stated she believes he was murdered. Love wrote this on her website yesterday (spelling errors have been corrected):"

"i'm going to be nice to Kim Gordon after she's gone out of her way to appear in a film she knew was nonsense, or to add fuel to the fire by saying someting snarky about Buzz Melvins conspiracy theory (oh is that why i had to bust him giving a hotshot to my husband- black tar filled all the way to the top of the syringe? i grabbed it and threw 3/4 down the sink. this was new pure SF



Well, I wouldnt take that very seriously. I mean, Courtney is mentally ill. And I dont think Buzz would be dumb enough to go to jail for the rest of his life.


This is what..fifteen years ago..? And she's still carrying it around?  Let it go Courtney.  Live in the present.

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I'll still stand by the sane, sober and respectable Buzz Osborne.

as opposed to the insane, drugg-addled and pathetic Courtney Love.
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Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care.

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They were husband and wife. Hard to let that stuff go when a spouse dies.


Buzz is the most sober guy I know. He has a direct handle on reality, and still has a great cackling laugh. The joke is on Courtney, she's living in the past. I think Buzz of all people is very aware of just how pathetic Courtney is.
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 That's awesome. If Buzz really did try and kill Kurt, then he is truly my hero =D>

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I think Buzz may be the sort of person who may have done some harmful things (be it drugs or drink) in the past right along with those he known back then, but has witnessed things that convinced him that no good can come from that kind of lifestyle.


Quote from: Courtney Love
...because i embarrassed her in lollapalooza (everyone would leave during my set)...

I corrected her post.


QuoteI'll still stand by the sane, sober and respectable Buzz Osborne.

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She's so delusional.  She should stop making excuses for herself, it's not going to bring Kurt back.  It's not going to take away any of her guilt.
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I don't see people going to lollapalooza and then leaving before Sonic Youth. Also, I'm amazed Courtney Love actually knows how to read or write.
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