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This page is set up into six sections Studio Albums, Singles, Comps, Live, Special Releases, and Side Projects & Special Appearances. Please email me with any info on releases to add to this page.

Studio Albums
Special Releases
Side Projects &
Special Appearances

This section is far from complete, I know. If anyone wants to work with me on this to make it worthwhile or if you have a better idea on how I should set it up let me know, right now I'm just looking for stuff on ebay and then taking the information from there. If anyone has any other info on other things under this category the Melvins have had a hand in please drop me an email letting me know. Ideally I'd like to have all of the information(year released, record label, tracklisting, who played on it, and even some artwork scans if possible).


Deep Six C/Z records compilation
Blessing The Operation\Grinding Process\Scared\She Waits

A Small Circle of Friends: A Tribute to the Germs
Lexicon Devil

Spew 6, an Atlantic Comp
Revolve 4:12 Demo Version different from Stoner Witch version

Kill Rock Stars
12. Ever Since My Accident 0:36 Thrashy Version

It’s Your Choice 2x10"
Your Choice Live Series YC-LS 013
black wax edit. 3000
16. It's Shoved - live 1.23.91

Gasatanka Box Set
A: Hag Me + some melvinish stuff in the beginning(live) 6:52
B: Hag Me + the beginning of Sacrifice(live) 5:17

In Formation: A Tribute to Throbbing Gristle
2001 Invisible Records
9. Five 7:07
This is a cover from the album Heathen Earth which doesn't have song titles, so it's simply track five from that album.

Runnin' On Fumes - Gearhead Magazine Singles Compilation
2000 Gearhead
Originally on a 7" w/ a Gearhead Magazine, info here.
18. I Can't Shake It 4:11

Dope Guns'N Fucking In The Streets - Volume 5 7"
1990 AmRep
A-One "Impressionable" Helmet
A-Two "Before I Kill Again" Gas Huffer
B-One "Euthanasia" Melvins
B-Two "Lesbian Nun" Dwarves
Cover: D. Deuteronomy, Avenging Reptile: T. Hazelmyer
Amphetamine Reptile Scale 28
black wax edit. 1500
clear/yellow wax edit. 500

Hard to Beleive: A Kiss Covers Compilation
1992 CZ Records
7. God of Thunder 4:54
Tom Flynn plays bass on this track.

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Night Soundtrack
1994 Atlantic Records
Instant Larry 4:06

Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan tribute album
also features a track by FANTOMAS
4. Buick MacKane 3:07

Peace Through Chemistry
Alchemy Records 1989
4. Glow God
5. Big As A Mountain
6. Heavyness of the Load
Same Versions as Gluey Porch Treatments

Fingerprints Vol. 3
Austrian Live Comp
Recorded November 25, 1996
08 - At The Stake
09 - Cow
10 - Tipping The Lion
11 - Skin Horse
12 - Goose Freight Train
13 - Captain Pungent
14 - Berthas

International Pop Underground Convention
1992 K Records release, 2 LPs. Various artists.
Recorded live in 1991 in Olympia, WA
5. Melvins - Charmicarmicat(live)

Dope Gun's and Fucking Up Your Video Deck Vol. 1-3 (1990-94) DVD
Amphetamine Reptile Records/Music Video Distributors
Released - March 23, 2004
This Dvd includes the videos for Honey Bucket and Mombius Hibachi along with a bunch of other amrep videos.

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