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This discography is set up into six sections Studio Albums, Singles, Comps, Live, Special Releases, and Side Projects & Special Appearances. Please email me with any info on releases to add to this page.

Studio Albums
Special Releases
Side Projects &
Special Appearances

SAWED OFF - 7" Buzz and Dale with Pat Fear from White Flag

Buzz and Kevin contributed to the Witchblade Soundtrack, for the comic book series Witchblade that Kate Bjelland from Babes in Toyland did. Buzz contributed bass and vocals to Overtura: Astroantiquity/Attacatastrophy(buzz only) and The Bataglia Suite: Pezzini La Virago/Wallow/Assassin

Dale, Buzz and Mark D all play on the track 'Poison' on Wayne Kramers 'Hard Stuff' album. Sounds very much like the version that appearead as a b-side on one of the AmRep singles allthough Melvins claims it's a different mix.


FANTOMAS - Buzz plays in this band with Mike Patton

MELVANA - Bootleg 7" of Buzz with Chris and Dave of Nirvana

Buzz appears on the track You Lied playing second guitar for Tool's DVD/CD release Salival

Produced the COWS cd Sorry In Pig Minor

Co-wrote and played guitar on track 3 of Chris Vrenna's Tweaker project's album The Attraction to All Things Uncertain titled Swamp.

Mixed and produced track 6 "Dog Catcher" on Goatsnake's first album "I" which has been re-released on Southern Lord Recordings.


ALTAMONT - Dale's Side Band


According to Chris Dodge (Slap A Ham boss) Dale contributed to 'Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh! The Record' (a 7" with 41 bands performing 64 songs) under the name of 'Mork Hotel'. The track is called 'Chirp Bird' and is approx. 5 seconds of noise.

Contributed the song Vomit & Orange Juice to the Flyin Traps compilation put out on Hollywood Records

ACID KING - Down With The Crown EP
Mans Ruin Records
Dale's ex-wife's band, he produced the ep which was split with Altamont's Wanted Dead or Alive EP

Dale played drums on these two Nirvana albums:
Bleach: Floyd The Barber, Paper Cuts, Downer
Incesticide: Beeswax, Downer, Mexican Seafood, Hairspray Queen, Aero Zeppelin, Big Long Now

Drums on Hank Williams III's cd Risin' Outlaw put out on Curb Records

Tee Pee Records (2001)
Dale played on some of the tracks on this album and went on to tour with them in 1999 for a bit until they found themselves a new drummer although they didn't release the cd until a couple years later.


COWS - Kevin's band prior to working with the Melvins

TOMAHAWK - Kevin plays bass in this band with Mike Patton

TEENAGE LARVAE - Another project of Kevin's

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