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Old News Archive

1999-2000 Old News
2001 Old News

Thursday , June 27, 2002
I got some new pictures sent to me from the Asheville, NC show and they are here. has posted pictures form the Jacksonville, FL show here. has posted an interview with buzz and are giving away a signed photo as well here.

Tuesday , June 18, 2002
I got some new pictures sent to me from the Louisville, KY show they are awesome and they are here. I got some info on some really old demos from 83, if anyone has any more info on this material or could possibly upload mp3's to put on the mp3 page contact me, here is the info i have so far. Speaking of the mp3 page i'm slowly uploading the mp3's again then the page will be back up, most likely by the end of the week. Apparently Stag has been rereleased over in europe and you can purchase it from, it has been out of print in America for some time. You can view a high res scan of the thrasher interview with the melvins, click here for page 1 and page 2. If you don't have a high speed connection I wouldn't even bother with it and just read the interview here.

Saturday , June 15, 2002
Newsflash: I wasn't going to update today but these two things are coming up fast so i had to, First Buzz will be on VH1 tomorrow Sunday, June 16 at 1pm central on a documentary called "grunge" if you want to check that out. Also Colossus of Destiny and H.A.T. will be featured on a college radio station 2am-5am which streams online here.

Tuesday , June 11, 2002
I received pictures of the San Diego show and the LA in store show from a good fellow. Dave posted some pics from the St. Petersburg, FL show here. Gene found a fellow to host the mp3's hsi brother in law no less so soon the mp3's will be back up shortly! Tomahawk will be opening for the whole Tool north american tour so if you want to see them check the tour dates page to see if they're coming to your area. Also a few more articles were posted in the articles section of the message board for those of you that enjoy reading those. I think that's all new mp3 of the week is up, hope you all are getting the chance to see the melvins this summer if you live in the u.s.

Friday , May 31, 2002
The mp3 page is down again, and it'll be staying down at that. The server gene and I were hosting the mp3's on no longer wants to host mp3's. Unless anyone happens to own a server with plenty of bandwidth and space it probably won't be put back up, I'll leave the page up for a while for historical purposes however. Zeke broke up so it looks like Bad Wizard will be openign for the Melvins on the dates that Zeke was going to. Lots of little things to report this week. Got pictures from the Chico, CA show which you can view here, by the way feel free to send in any melvins pictures you take. Gene sent in pictures of the new shirts they're selling at the shows you can view the new additions to the t-shirts page here. Gene also took pictures of the 25th LA show you can see those here. A really funny interview with buzz was sent in which is located here. I've had alot of interviews sent in lately and i've begun a new section on the message board to post them so that if in the occurrence the interview is no longer available on the site it will still be available here. I don't know how long this will be online but there is a good clip of tomahawk performing "jockstrap" available here if you are interested. The Halloween Ipecac Showcase in New York City tickets have gone on sale go here for more information. Some really nice pictures from the 2x4 tour that are on this site already are available in a high resolution form great for desktop backgrounds here. I don't know much about this so if anyone has more info feel free to send it in but some sessions between dale crover and jason newstead formerly of "Metallica" are being sold on ebay, here's a link.

Monday , May 20, 2002
Sorry for my tardiness in the posting of the new mp3 of the week, I just got done with finals. Summer is finally here! I plan on going to both the Chicago, and Minneapolis shows in July I can't wait. The summer tourdates have been finalized I beleive, so go to the tour dates page to see where they're playing near you. According to the ipecac website zeke is no longer opening for them and ex-girl is instead for most of those dates. There's a new page that links to about every melvins interview/article on the internet some that are linked on my page and some that aren't so head over there if you want something to read. Speaking of articles here's a brand new one. If you are anxious to hear some live melvins click here, or if you are even more anxious see and hear some live melvins. A melvins bootleg cd called Leech is going for high prices on ebay, it contains rare songs not on albums which incidentally just so happen to be available on th mp3 page of this site. I'm going to try to add the ability to search the site sometime this week because i get emails regarding questions that are addressed somewhere within this site, but beings as this site is getting so large it might be hard to find the answers.

Thursday , May 9, 2002
Where to begin.... Tomahawk has been confirmed to be the opening act for Tool's u.s. tour which begins on July 11th, it's not known how many dates they will be doing, tomahawk as i hope you all know is the band that Kevin bassist of the Melvins is also a part of. Someone mentioned that they heard that the 7 7 inches will have cover songs as their b-sides and will come out late summer. I've had this posted on the multimedia page for a while but it's been recently discussed in a certain dark alley, you can view the video for Mombius Hibachi off of the Honky album here. A good interview with buzz has been posted here, take heed to everything he says especially his feelings on colossus of destiny. Gene has uploaded part of the tora tora tora box set here if you have never heard that before. Anyone interested in info on Isis the band doing some east coast dates with the Melvins in june can find a little bit here. If any of you use winamp to play your mp3's such as the current mp3 of the week Dr. Geek from the recent new years show you can go here to download a few melvins skins!

Thursday , May 2, 2002
Ipecac announced a Halloween Bash in New York City this year which will include the MelvinsFantoms BigBand, Tomahawk, and ISIS among others, sounds like a grand time. Tour dates are showing up on a regular basis a few midwest dates have been announced with Jucifer. Got some pictures of the Santa Ana show from last month and those are located here. A good interview with buzz is in the message board general melvins discussion, read it here.

Tuesday , April 25, 2002
To hear an interview with Buzz from 1995 in real audio format you can go here, it is extremely funny and worth the listen. I still get numerous emails about melvins shirts, you can email Tom Flynn owner of boner records and ask for a "list of what's available" in which you can get melvins records for much cheaper than your record store including shipping as well as the old school bullhead melvins t-shirt which is no longer available from

Tuesday , April 23, 2002
The May 2002 issue of Stuff magazine has named the Fantomas/Melvins bigband cd the album of the month! I received lyrics to a few songs including a couple songs from Hostile Ambient Takeover if you want to check those out and if you can figure out the other songs go for it and send them in!

Tuersday , April 16, 2002
Hey Hostile Ambient Takeover comes out today be sure to go out and pick yourself up a copy, it's getting great reviews. For more info on it head on over to the discography page. Some pictures from recent shows have been taken from both the Las Vegas show, and the Santa Ana show. More live dates are slowly being announced by Ipecac check out the tour dates page to see those.

Thursday , April 11, 2002
The Mp3 of the week is the first track from the new years show from 12.31.01(not the bigband show, which by the way ipecac says is doing really well in sales and is going to be on a billboard chart or two of some sort). It just so happens to be an unreleased track from H.A.T. that will be coming out in a little under a week! The store has started selling some new years eve t-shirts which featured the melvins so if you are interested head on over there. They also say that new Tomahawk and Fantomas albums will be coming out in 2003 and will be finished up later this fall. Apparently Tomahawk isn't finished touring for the year either. Also for anyone that is interested in seeing what the official bigband show is missing the full show has been uploaded in mp3 format here, thanks to Henrik!

Wednesday , April 10, 2002
So the Hostile Ambient Takeover tour begun last night in Las Vegas, if anyone has any pictures that they've taken and want me to host them on my site feel free to send them to me. Turns out the club they are playing at in Melbourne The Cherry Club is owned by Billy Walsh from the Cosmic Psychos who toured with the Melvins last time they were in Australia. I heard Jucifer is possibly going to be opening for the Melvins this summer, their website says it's "coming soon" so here's a link to listen and buy some of their music if interested. I was sent a link to some cool melvins posters you can look at those here.

Thursday , April 4, 2002
So in regard to the FantomasMelvins bigband cd that came out on tuesday, i noticed when comparing it to my bootleg version that quite a few tracks were left out and the setlist was rearranged, you can go here to see what the original setlist was. has put up a "Feature" article on the Melvins, which basically discusses Tool's relationship with the band, check that out. It was brought to my attention that the Melvins are a part of the score to a movie called Fast Sofa, information on that movie can be found here, i'm not certain of the quality of the movie but there are links to purchase it on the page and the Melvins are sure to make any movie better!

Tuesday , April 2, 2002
The FantomasMelvins Bigband Millenium Monsterwork 2000 cd came out today, I hope you had a chance to pick yours up, if not do so because it is outstanding, has links to buy online. You can check out the live discography page for more info on it. Looking ahead two weeks from today H.A.T. will be released. The tracklisting for that according to Vince Palese is as follows....

1.Black Stooges
3.Dr. Geek
4.Little Judas Chongo
5.The Fool, The Meddling Idiot
7.Brain Center At Whipples
8.Anti Vermin Seed
They will be releasing 7, 7"'s A single from each track of the cd. If you want to hear some samples of these two cds go here, ipecac has posted full mp3's of Brain Center from HAT, and Hooch, and She's a Puker from the Bigband cd.

Monday , April 1, 2002
I saw dead low tide last week in Des Moines, they were really good so those of you going to the shows that they are opening for the Melvins you will not be disappointed. You can download an mp3 of them here.

Friday , March 22, 2002
Some tour dates have been announced by ipecac for the u.s. tour after the Melvins return from Australia with tool. The shows are going to be with the band dead low tide, which has Mike from enemymine and godheadsilo who both toured with the Melvins in the past. The other members of the band are from the Murder City Devils. Those dates are on the tour dates page. The mp3 of the week this week is going to be a full show! It's the Seattle Showbox April 7, 2000 2x4 Tour show thanks to Jesse from!

Friday , March 15, 2002
I put up the cover art insert stuff that I promised for the Grumpy's Show, which was made by the fellow who hooked me up with the show. He was kind enough to send me the image files, thanks to Wes. You can find it here.

Wednesday , March 13, 2002
Black Heart Procession will be opening for the warm up dates before the Australian tour. For information on the band you can go here.

Wednesday , March 6, 2002
Ipecac's web store is open but they don't have any merchandise for the Melvins, but they do have tomahawk and fantomas shirts. I get alot of emails wondering where to get melvins shirts online, try,,, and of course ebay. Kevin By posted to the melvins list saying there is an audio interview featuring Kevin Rutmanis, on a Norwegian website, go here to listen. It's in asx format so you'll have to have something that plays that sort of thing... It has some dude talking in norwegian between comments, he's most likely talking about burning down churches and black metal, (norwegian joke).

Tuesday , March 5, 2002
L7's official website claims that Dee Plakas a member of that band and Buzz are in the process of composing a score for the soundtrack of an upcoming, as yet untitled, action movie, slated to star Paul Reubens, a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman. I will beleive that when I see it! I got some pictures from the new years show from a couple months ago, check them out here.

Friday , March 1, 2002
From "Our old buddies, (Grammy winners)TOOL, have done it again. Check the calendar section for TOOL/Melvins dates!!! This time it's Australia/New Zealand!!!! This will coincide with the official release of the Melvins new studio Cd HOSTILE AMBIENT TAKEOVER, priced to sell in Australia too!!! Thanks again TOOL!!!!!!! More dates to come." So I have posted those dates on the tour page.

Tuesday , February 26, 2002
02/26/2002 Sneak preview time!!!! 2 tracks from the upcoming live Fantômasmelvins Big Band, MILLENNIUM MONSTERWORKS (IPC 19) Cd are up. The Melvins song "Hooch" and the Fantômas hit "She's a Puker" are available to get a taste of this monumental performance. The full Cd is due out in early April celebrating Ipecac's 3rd birthday!!!! Enjoy!!! HERE(news from obviously)

Monday , February 25, 2002
On the topic of H.A.T. has been updated with a new swf file to promote the upcoming release, the bigband cd, and the upcoming tour. Also it turns out in regards to the ATP show that the melvins were going to play last year that sonic youth was organizing which was cancelled but was later resscheduled but they couldn't play at because they said "We're getting married". They weren't kidding Dale is marrying his beautiful longtime girlfriend Maureen on St. Patrick's Day. Congrats to them! Oh and check out the mp3 page most of the rare mp3's are up!!@#

Friday , February 22, 2002
According to Ex-Girl's website they will be opening for the melvins on their spring tour. Speaking of that tour a date has been announced April 11th, in San Diego, CA at the Brick by Brick. More are sure to follow. Peter Hall also transcribed another melvins interview for the site, it's from Punk Planet back in 99, it's a good read check it out here.

Wednesday , February 13, 2002
Hey what's up I got two articles with buzz sent to me from magazines, one from Revolver, and which was transcribed by Peter Hall and another from big brother skateboard magazine transcribed by Paul Henschel. If you guys like the melvins you should check out the label Southernlord, they just recently released a 7" from Mark Deutrom(former melvins bassist). They've released other great bands albums as well. Be sure to check out the mp3 section which is a sebsection of the bands section of their site!

Friday , February 1, 2002
Gene and I are trying to raise some money to put up the mp3 page. As most of you have noticed it's been down for quite some time. I pay 20 dollars a month to have this website but it limits how much space i can upload to the server and how much can be downloaded from the server by visitors. Therefore we're asking for your help in paying for the extra server space and bandwidth to get this mp3 page back up and have it stay up. Every little bit counts and I know there's lots of people that want to download these mp3's i get emails daily asking why they can't download them. Please know that i'm in no way going to profit from the donations made to help the mp3 page, i just want to make these rare melvins songs available to you, the fans. Email me at and let me know if you can help.

Monday , January 28, 2002
There will be a huge US tour(possibly 100 dates) in support of H.A.T. They will also be releasing a series of 7, 7 inch singles. I originally posted that Nancy Wilson of heart produced the album, then was told by a couple people it wasn't true. I have just be retold that she did record the album, so who knows not that it matters that much anyway. Here's the tracklisting for H.A.T.
1.Black Stooges
3.Dr. Geek
4.Little Judas Chongo
5.The Fool, The Meddling Idiot
7.Brain Center At Whipples
8.Anti Vermin Seed

Tuesday , January 29, 2002
James interviewed Dale Crover recently and sent me the chat transcript, it includes info on H.A.T. plus other interesting tidbits so here it is for your viewing pleasure. As you may have already noticed below is the cover art for H.A.T. and The Millenium Monsterworks Fantomas Melvins Bigband albums.

Monday , January 21, 2002
There's a new interview of Buzz online, you can find it here . It mostly discusses Fantomas. I also received tabs for Leech off of Gluey Porch Treatments check that out in the tabs section.

Thursday , January 17, 2002 announced the setlist and release date for the Big Band release here's the low down....
FantômasMelvins Big Band
(release date April 2 2002 - Ipecac's 3rd Birthday!!!!)
1) Good Morning Slaves
2) Night Goat
3) The Omen
4) Cholo Charlie
5) White Men are the Vermin of the Earth
6) Terprurlative Guns & Drugs
7) Ol' Black Stooges
8) Ripping Chicken Meat
9) The Bit
10) Musthing with the Phunts
11) Me and the Flamer
12) She's A Puker
13) The Turkey Doctor
14) Hooch
15) Mombius Hibachi
16) Liquorton Gooksburg
17) Skin Horse
18) Cape Fear

Tuesday , January 1, 2002
The upcoming release from the melvins is scheduled to come out on April 16th, 2001. It's titled H.A.T. which stands for Hostile Ambient Takeover. I've heard from inside sources that it's going to be their best release to date, a cross between the maggot and the bootlicker, very drum heavy. The artwork is done by Buzz's wife Mackie. At the new years eve show they played four or five songs which will be on the album information on that show can be found here . As well as this release Ipecac is finally putting out the new years 2000 MelvinsFantomas Bigband show in March or April.

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