Melvins = Mall Goth music?

Started by Important, June 21, 2009, 02:34:50 PM

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Mallgoth Music = Cheesy, quirky garbage that try too hards on love to name drop and scrobble.

We all know that socially inept try too hards (of the metalfag lineage) on Last.Fm are mall goths or mall goth associated people IRL.

Artists that are considered mall goth include...

Big Dumb Face
Boredoms (Early)
Butthole Surfers
Captain Beefheart
Carnival in Coal
Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo, etc.)
Dog Fashion Disco
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Frank Zappa
Idiot Flesh
John Zorn
Kayo Dot
Keiji Haino
Leftover Crack
Les Claypool (Primus, etc.)
Maudlin of the Well
Maximum The Hormone
Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle, Fant

Like Stee

Sounds real important!  If there's one thing we need in the world it's another genre title by which to constrain bands and their fans.



Last time I checked mallgoths listened to stuff like Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, and shopped at Hot Topic.  :? The OP should leave his grandmothers basement someday rather than trolling forums day and night.
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Who on this board is above the age of 14?


Uncle Fester

your username is Important :lol: I love that.


Music is completely unimportant in the larger scheme of things. People who devote themselves academicaly to music are laughable and a drain on University resources.

10,000 words on how music and it's associated business/culture have had anything other than a net negative impact on the world: Go!

dead mike

So I guess Down are the only band in existence that haven't been picked clean by the buzzards of the "mall goth" crowd, eh?
Can you all shut your damn cocks for one second? Music is the only thing that's real in this queef world of dildo ass chodes.

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oingo boingo??
oh come on!!! that's good music.

i wanna know what this guy listens to if not what's listed


I wish they sold Melvins stuff at Hot Topic....I could get a cool Lysol hoodie  & Bullhead socks.


Quote from: >>>JZS<<< on June 21, 2009, 05:42:51 PM
I wish they sold Melvins stuff at Hot Topic....I could get a cool Lysol hoodie  & Bullhead socks.
haha. fuck that store.


this may be the dumbest thread ever created in the history of mankind


I listen to a good bit of these bands.

1. I have never met anyone else to listen to any Boredoms.

2. I have never been what you call a 'Mall Goth'.

3. What the fuck is a 'Mall Goth'?


The MELVINS are too old to fit in this so called douche  bag of a genra. Holy crap they are in their 40's for cripes sake. I don't know what genra MELVINS fits into and I really don't fuckin care. They are just LOUD.
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