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This probably sounds stupid, but I've been listening to Freak Puke tonight
and I got this idea. I think we should all hold our lighters up during 'Let Me Roll It'

:lol: :lol: :lol:


Another thought has crossed my mind as well: since Freak Puke is only about
a half hour long do you think they might do some material from the Houdini Live 2005
album with Trevor on electric bass, just to pad out their set? I think they will!!
*fingers crossed*


p.s. if you want a drink from my 2L bottle of cider you better bring a paper cup!  :lol:


anyone left in winnipeg on this board?

speak up guests.

i remember dr. gonzo... (so long ago)
he's possibly writhing and blubbering incomprehensibly in a straight jacket somewhere from too many fun drugs

Mount Ambulance

So what's up? Are peeps meeting up for an ol' timey social before this shindig starts tonight? I'd be cool to cross paths with some of the personalities on here. Conda, Dumpster, Flutter, Greasy ... anyone?

I'm not splitting till 7pm an have an hour drive ... I donno if I'm going in early though; unless Melvins brought Merch  'cause I really have no intrest in seeing Retox. Probably just hang outside and smoke some.

I'll be all daper and spiffy for the occassion w/ a green Cuban army hat ... an Acid Mothers Tee ... or maybe Death By Chocolate tee ... standing with a skinny long hair guy and a another not as skinny or long haired guy.

Come up an say hi and shoot some shit ...

As for Conda ... maybe I'll bring a paper cup ...
It was a big night out on the town for the Id and the Reptile Brain ...

like a brick wall, like a dream waiting to be!

Dumpster D


Didnt see you at The Toronto missed hamilton apparently, How was london, I heard from Flutter It was better than the Tornto show, I dunno because I missed it, missed you too...damn. 

one thing The melvins Did that NO BAND I EVER HAVE SEEN DO...

on a big finale end of a song they Psyched the crowd out by only PRETENTDING to hit the VERY last note...HILARIOUS GUYS!!! I think I fell for it BOTH times  :( so gullible.

Eye Flys in toronto show had me Howling with laughter, I laughed soo much through most of the set!!!  :lol:

I think Trevor Is VERY amusing to watch, also Tremendously Talented, holy shit.

Metalhead Cow

Quote from: Dumpster D on July 10, 2012, 11:01:52 PM

on a big finale end of a song they Psyched the crowd out by only PRETENTDING to hit the VERY last note.

Was it Sky Pup? They did that at the end of Sky Pup when I saw them last year.


Quote from: Dumpster D on July 10, 2012, 11:01:52 PM
Eye Flys in toronto show had me Howling with laughter, I laughed soo much through most of the set!!!  :lol:

just curious, what did you find funny about the tune and set, just trevor? my response to a lot of stuff is laughter, and i usually just stand there at the shows with a stupid grin on my face.

i hadn't checked the setlist online before the one on the 9th, so i was surprised and just fricking thrilled they opened with eye flys

Dumpster D

Not knowing what in hell to expect because The melvins like to mess with the fans. 
Just having a GREAT TIME!

I was pretty stoned, that is one reason I laughed, another because It was just too fucking COOL!!!

felt like bumping into your best friend you havent seen for years or something you know...was a TREAT to watch them playing!

they were kicking SERIOUS ass at the TORONTO show!

I would say and just one look at Tevors stage getup is what got me guy behind me Says ANGUS DUNN...and I laughed...and then Trevor began playing, and it was fucking blowing my mind, and I was LOL, when I noticed he was playing the bassline of EYEFLYS using a DOUBLE BASS with a bow!!!  and just Buzz was playing along to it PERFECTLY but in a completely new style than Ive ever heard the melvins do, and you know the melvins already have a different style to begin.

sounded oldschool style, almost like they were doing score for a vintage western movie, Like that Enrico morricone or somethin...

whats his name, Im thinking of Hugo montanegro or something..

Melvins once in a while have reflected a WESTERN style, not musically per-se, more like the imagery and abstract themes in their actual SOUND and style, reflects me to cowboy scenes from old western movies I long forgot, be it production or not..

That AND a TON of it reminds me of Military themes, and War.

By the way, DALE broke 2 or 3 sticks at the hamilton show, I was suprised he didnt put a hole in one of his skins actually..I was sort of watching for that during a third of the way through the set, Looked like the tip of another stick broke right after the first stick went flying up.

also there were some sketchy issues at the hamilton show, one of Dales boom stands came loose and he was mucking around for a second to fix it. also Buzz Hit his channel selector or went for an effect that had no power or wasnt set up...and cut out for a few seconds before he switched back. Also the kick drum mic was sketchy and Cliff was trying to fix it a few times, but that was just Cool in a lot of ways to see it happen...they rocked that shitty stage as if it was a HUGE Arena. They went with it, and all I could do was marvel at how good dale was...I guess I would have to warm up and play every day for the next 27 years to be THAT insane. I mean, there is the point beyond human tolerance, the guy has no limit.

Here he is out the front of the Club having a cigarette like its NO Big deal before relentlessly abusing himself on stage, while some dude shakes his hand and he makes a funny face as he poses for a friendly photo, but GOD  I couldnt keep up to him, no way not like this..pretty much no one I know could. Put it THIS way, just Standing there Watching DALE play, makes me break a sweat...

fucking BEAT THAT kit like a Redhead stepchild..

I just was mostly like in disbeleif watching Dale...just Doing stuff I could not believe.

They all kept it together, with ample skill.

Dont get me started about Buzz or Trevor.

Back to Dale;

during soundcheck, working on some badass chops and, that was enlightening, that was as cool as the whole show itself actually, I already knew the songs and set, Just hearing them jam out a little and warm up was a learning experiance.
could have sworn Buzz was singing TOMMOROW TOMMOROW from little orphan annie or something like that to check the mic.

these guys woud have to TRY HARD to suck.

Uncle Fester

ok this thread is one big spoiler. im not reading anymore until AFTER

black stallion

Quote from: Dumpster D on July 12, 2012, 11:02:59 PM
I guess I would have to warm up and play every day for the next 27 years to be THAT insane. I mean, there is the point beyond human tolerance, the guy has no limit.


Dumpster D

I sang what Buzz was singing into the mic at sound check to one of my servers at work tonight, and they knew it was a song from little orphan wonder why it stuck with me too..

wild guess.

cleveland rewind

has the setlist already been posted?
i may never go down in history but i will go down on your sister



This is kind of random, but technically Portland is part of the Canadian tour and I just had to post this really up to date description of the Melvins on Cascade tickets website

"Melvins Lite
Hawthorne Theatre
$18.00 ON SALE NOW
8:00 PM SHOW

It hasn't been a year since the last bona fide Melvins album but nonetheless, slated for release is yet another album... However, this here new one is actually a RE-release of the classic Melvins record "10 songs". Of course the NEW one has a NEW super deluxe cover and has been expanded to 26 songs. That's 16 more than the original! The record even includes a secret recording of one of their hometown buddies out of his mind on Angel Dust. This added historical window should fully explain their origin and current message in a way never before captured on record. Even if this reissue is 16 years old you can rest assured this record is up to date! If you get this record you can know there is nothin' or nobody ahead of you. Nobody knows nothin' that you don't know. All the cards are on the table friends and that's a fact!

Dang! It's been damn near 20 years since these Melvins started and they still have yet to find the common decency to die or break up. The core-band of King Buzzo and Dale remains intact and they've had the same bass player since 1998! Hailing from the Minneapolis Cows is pioneering slide bass pervert Kevin "Rutmanis". The Melvins proclaim this lineup the definitive whatever you want to call it of whatever it is they think they do. Nothing should be denied them forever more.""