Started by Rev. Mike, June 20, 2012, 08:58:53 PM

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So what was the whole tickets live and in person thing last night ?  How crowded ?  What time were people lining up at ?  When were they all sold out by ?  Did the fellas in the teenage combo hang out for a while and chat ?

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I was looking at a copy on eBay, and I know the version of "baby won't you weird me out" is an alternate version, but looking at the pic of the insert it credits Jared and Coady but no Dunn? I'd this a big Melvins version? If so are there other songs done with that line up? Aside from hearing "a growing disgust" live

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What I'm interested in is how many tickets were available to one person.  It didn't seem like there were 175 people there and my friend who showed up too late couldn't get one.  Maybe my perception of crowd size is a little off...

At any rate, I usually think all this hyper limited stuff is a little ridiculous but am happy to be going.  I actually gave up on the idea of going the night before because of how crazy people get about this kinda thing but the Melvins' nerd tractor beam pulled me in just to see what the line was like.  I hopped in line, grabbed a couple of beers while I waited and bought a ticket/record from Dale.  Pretty cool.  Thanks Melvins for a unique experience most other bands don't give their fans.  Much appreciated!


Haze said on the AmRep forum that purchasing a record got your name on the List, and that "It's a list only event"

    So... I would assume that there will be many other people at the show that you didn't see in line.

I am so jealous of everyone going to this show tonight  :x


Aren't they going to put some of these online? I see them popping up all over eBay all of a sudden.


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Quote from: Jaron on June 30, 2012, 03:29:26 PM
Aren't they going to put some of these online? I see them popping up all over eBay all of a sudden.

60 or so next week
I got the shits real bad.



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I'm heading over right now.
So long, suckers!
Can you get an interview if you arrive early?
he'll get there about 7 years late.

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