Tres Cabrones

Started by Idlehanz, July 15, 2013, 04:37:11 PM

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This quote from a recent interview with Buzz should answer a few questions.

"We have a new album. We're taking the songs from that Melvins 1983 EP and did more songs, and we're putting it out as an album in the fall with Ipecac. It's our original drummer, Dale [Crover] playing bass, and me playing guitar. It's called Tres Cabrones. "Tres Hombres" means "Three Men," but this is "Tres Cabrones" which basically means "Three Dumbasses."


Hail, not fail.
PS:  fuck him.

(the) flutter nuts


After hearing City Dump, i fucking LOVE  the 1983 songs!!!! I already love the 10" tunes as well
I got the shits real bad.

Metalhead Cow

buddy holiday

very good news!
dr. mule on the scion comp was also the 1983 line-up right? so we get that too an a proper melvins release.


This will be incredible!
Al que está vivo todo le falta y al que está muerto todo le sobra.


Tres Cabrones

"Three Bastards" (Google translate)


I thought the Melvins 83 album was going to be called Gaylord?

Dumpster D

The coolest thing is Dale on Bass with Buzzo on Guitar.

Dale has always come up with some incredible epic riffs.

Hot Pants

the place where i sleep is cold and abandoned
you can't even fathom a hole being dug so deep


Captain CoryCory

I can't wait to hear this! It's like the more menacing, snarly side of the Melvins has been delegated to a whole new lineup and if the 10", song on the BASH comp and 7" are any indicator...

I'd imagine there will be a bunch more songs of good heaviness to be found here lest' we have a really short album on our hands!


Actually, the translation of "cabrones" changes depending on the country and the context.

Cabrón: single
Cabrones: plural

Cabrón could mean:

-someone who is a total badass
-someone who is very good at what he does
-a bastard
-in Chile, historically a cabrón or cafiche was the boss of a brothel, a pimp.
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Yeah!  More Melvins '83!  Yeah!

Another great year for us melvins fans.
Is Ian back yet??

Dumpster D

Yep, feels good to be a Melvins affectionado.