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Started by rimb, February 06, 2024, 04:50:21 AM

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The first song has landed!


And here are some release details I discovered:

1. Pain Equals Funny
2. Working the Ditch
3. She's Got Weird Arms
4. Allergic to Food
5. Smiler

QuoteThe Melvins new album is like nothing the band has ever done before. Probably the best record they've ever recorded. Certainly one of their weirdest. The five song album centers around the mammoth 19-minute opening track "Pain Equals Funny" and features Buzz, Dale and Steven along with second drummer Roy Mayorga (Ministry, Soulfly, Stone Sour and Nausea) and guitarist Gary Chester (We Are The Asteroid). Vinyl comes in a Gatefold Jacket with 12pg booklet.

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Wow! Just stumbled on the YT video this morning.  Took me a while to realize its a new single.  I love it, heavy and droney. Buzz's voice sounds good. Mackey album cover is sick.



The Melvins latest opus, Tarantula Heart (April 19, Ipecac Recordings), is quite possibly the band's most unconventional and imaginative work yet, but also possibly their catchiest, continuing a legacy celebrated for its eccentric and extraordinary output.

A preview of the five-song, 39-minute collection arrives with the release of "Working The Ditch," and the accompanying Jesse Nieminen-created video. Nieminen previously directed the band's short film, "A Walk With Love and Death."

"The way we approached Tarantula Heart was different than any other Melvins' album," explains Buzz Osborne. "I had Dale and Roy Mayorga come in and play along with Steven and I to some riffs, then I took those sessions and figured out what parts would work and wrote new music to fit. This isn't a studio approach we've ever taken. Usually we have the songs written BEFORE we start recording!"

"The majority of Tarantula Heart has dual drum parts," adds long-time Melvins drummer Dale Crover. "Roy is an amazing drummer. We would discuss what we would do pattern wise, then we'd just go for it. Improvising riffs and trading off on drum fills."

In actuality nothing appeared out of thin air. Buzz spent hours and hours with the drum tracks by himself writing songs to what he was hearing drum wise. "When the rest of the band heard these songs I'd created from the sessions, they were blown away," Buzz shares. "These were fully developed new songs that they'd never heard before that had seemingly appeared out of thin air. Presto!"

Recorded, mixed and co-produced by longtime Melvins' collaborator Toshi Kasai, the album also features We Are The Asteroid guitar player Gary Chester. Gary and the Melvins' history goes back to their days on Boner Records, with the guitar player formerly having been a part of the legendary band, Ed Hall.

Tarantula Heart pre-orders (https://themelvins.lnk.to/tarantula) are available now, with the album available on a trio of vinyl variants (black, indie exclusive Silver Streak and Ipecac Recordings' 25th Anniversary Puke Green), featuring a 12-page booklet, as well as on CD and digitally.


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I like how for every release they say it's the most unconventional ever and then it sounds exactly as you could expect from a Melvins (recent) release both in term of songwriting and production.  Obviously i'm loving it! :)


I just listened to the new track on the Bandcamp app while I was on the car, interesting stuff but I need to hear it again in a proper place.
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Quote from: black stallion on February 06, 2024, 09:41:21 AM
I like how for every release they say it's the most unconventional ever and then it sounds exactly as you could expect from a Melvins (recent) release both in term of songwriting and production.  Obviously i'm loving it! :)

:lol: :lol:
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Release date was so close to 4/20....

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the more i listen the more i like it, pretty heavy..high expectations on this album. love Buzz vocals . checked the new Dale interview before, looks like they've been working a lot on the early takes of this album, which turned out totally different as final result.i like this approach


wait.. is that a ribbon crash I hear?   :shock:
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Glen. You can totally go fuck yourself. I have no idea who you are and I really don't care.


Love the single, especially the second half of it.
I am intrigued by the prospect of the 19min first track.


I love the title, i love the artwork and importantly i adore the song! Very excited. I think you can tell that the track has improv drums but it works. I'm surprised it's only 5 songs. Like with Bad Mood Rising, it seems this is a new Melvins trend - a few songs with one long track at the start of the record. I wonder if they will continue this. Regarding the unusual recording process, now i can see why it might have took a little longer to release. I remember Roy was in the studio with the band in May 2022 after the Ministry tour so that's a while ago now. April can't come soon enough! Now we just need a KingDunn album for Autumn!

Just found the track times...

19:08   Pain Equals Funny
06:32   Working The Ditch
03:39   She's Got Weird Arms
05:37   Allergic To Food
04:51   Smiler

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