How you knew The Melvins?

Started by Beto Brasil, October 15, 2003, 11:50:04 AM

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Beto Brasil

hmmm, in 1993,im watching the Mtshit-V and i saw Honey Bucket video CLip,and i never stoped hear this.
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In 1998, when reading the "Come as you are" book about Kurt Cobain.
It said The Melvins were the seminal grunge band. I just had to hear them for myself.


few years back on the radio! internet radio tho lol


what made me listen to them was nirvana, but i loved them because they were so damn good not cause kurt liked them.


I was never a big fan of Nirvana, I have all the Nirvana CDs and stuff (who doesn't), but I heard about Melvins after Kurt Cobain raved about them and then I checked to see if they were better then Nirvana and you guessed it, they were.


My brother was in town and he wanted to see the Melvins at the Breakroom in Capital Hill in Seattle, now the place is the Chop Suey.

The add for the show in either the Rocket or the Stranger was fucked-up. It said the show was Sunday night, we show up and there is no one there! The show happened the night before!

Anyway from that misfortune I started to hear the Melvins on KGRG once in a while. For a while I thought Helmit's Meantime was a Melvins song!

Then Bob Rivers had the Melvins cover Revolve on his Bob's Garage c/d and people requested to hear it all the time on KISW in Seattle. I went out and bought Stoner Witch and from then on I've been hooked.

I got all their stuff now.


wow i didn't know the honeybucket video has been shown on mtv

anyway i started listening to the melvins because of a nirvana interview. i had to check them out, the first song i heard was god of thunder, i didn't like it. then, a few months later i downloaded some other songs including going blind and after that i was hooked :)


i downloaded the melvins/tool song from crybaby

spud boy

From the Brutal Truth cover of Zodiac.

Beto Brasil

Quote from: ziumwow i didn't know the honeybucket video has been shown on mtv:)

yes man, MTV has this video you never see?good video man!
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Update :


I knew I would like them, but I couldn't find the "heavy" kind of tracks I was looking for. then via // I downloaded 2 live mp3, saw them live etc etc...[/url]
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All the books about grunge made me want to check them out so I grabbed Electrortetard. Liked it but didn't "get it" so it went back on the shelf. Anyhow, then I grabbed the Crybaby in Scotland. Their Hank Williams cover menat that I had to buy more! And thus, I did....
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yeah i've seen the honeybucket video but i didn't know mtv aired it. It's so not the kind of video they would show on mtv  :lol:


well - when i was at art school there was a melvins tape being passed around - houdini it was - i thought it was alright - i didnt particularly like it.

I also remember reading in a major art magazine about them and how they had taken over from butthole surfers as the favorite arty farty type band. I liked the butthole surfers.

Then a friend of mine bought lysol and i thought it was very interesting and especially found sacrifice to be real cool. But still they were nothing particularly special to me.

Then a year after i first heard of them - i had the chance to see them live - the energy of thier live stuff just blew me away! - and perhaps made me 'understand' thier music better.

Since then i have collected most of thier cd's.

Shame that at thier live show i knew hardly any of thier material - i think it was after Honky - and the name of the show was something to do with laughing with lucifer... Dunno if i will get the chance to see them again.


1994-eighth grade
I asked somebody who the heaviest band they have ever heard was.
I went and bought Houdini on vinyl and have not looked back since.
Also melvins is gay cuz some of their songs are just noise, i tell you this so you all don't buy albums and find out only one two songs is good on them.