What were the first few Melvins albums you went and bought?

Started by Dumpster D, October 11, 2011, 05:43:04 PM

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Dumpster D

Figure this must already be a topic that has come up here more than several times.

Just the same, I think it took me a while to track down my First Melvins CD.

It was Live at the fucker club, and I suppose it was just new at the time; therefore In stock locally.

I randomly caught Mombius Hibachi on Much music late one night and was instantly insane about this band!

The next thing I know I'm on a bus downtown to Toronto, and picking up the HONKY LP.

and It was so different than I ever imagined, and It truly and profoundly affected my life forever.

Then I heard LYSOL... and the music has warped my fragile little mind.  [-o<

and soon after picked up GPT/OZMA and consequently subjected everyone around me to it's awesome power.

(near the time the bootlicker had just come out, so I also scooped those up as they came out as over priced  "Imports")

went back and bought Bullhead and Lysol on vinyl (and later scrounged up a used Stag LP)...and if that wasn't enough, the record store dude looked at my purchases and said : oh, hey, you know The Melvins are playing in Toronto in a few weeks from now, we got tickets right here if you want?.... :shock: two days after my 16th Birthday!!! and I'm not ashamed to admit it was the first "real" concert I ever attended, and it has shadowed everything I've done with my life since.

Those were still the best years of my life so far.

What about you?

black stallion

first : Prick

second : Stoner Witch

me after listening to Prick: confused

me after listening to Stoner Witch : totally excited


Ozma on cassette. :twisted:
then Eggnog and Houdini

Ozma is my favorite. =D>

black stallion




I am somewhat proud of my MELVINS-Oven 7" w/ MELVINS doll-figures #23.
8) 8)

dwr budr

stoner witch and gluey porch treatments one morning before breakfast sometime in mid 2001


Long ago. Can't remember when exactly...
I remember hearing EYE FLYS for the first time and deciding right then and there that it was the heaviest thing I'd ever heard in my life.

The first album I heard in its entirety was STONER WITCH.
And then, it just spiraled out of control.....

No one touches the awesome heavy weirdness that is Melvins. Slowed and throwed, baby.

Captain CoryCory

The order as far as my scrambled brain can remember

Houdini (used)
Lysol (Sold me on the Melvins)
Salad DVD (Really sold me on the Melvins)
Stoner Witch
Senile Animal
Gluey Porch
10 Songs (Wasn't sold on it at first)
Ordered Bullhead and Eggnog
Nude With Boots
Stag (Used Promo)
Sludge Glamorous
26 Songs (Grew on me eventually)
Sugar Daddy
Prick & Honky


Stoner Witch from BMG record club  :lol:
First two from an actual store were Stag and Honky the week Honky came out.
Hail, not fail.
PS:  fuck him.

Greasy Statement

Honky. I was just getting into the band around early '97 and my friend/drummer in my band (who's also a music writer) brought a promo copy along for the car ride to an out of town show. i was really into experimental noise at the time and it completely appealed to me for that reason, esp. "Lovely Butterfly". i went out and bought it a couple of weeks later and slowly started buying more of the back catalogue over the course of the summer...



buddy holiday

houdini when it came out. but i did not like it because i was 13 at the time and did not understand the beauty of this music. besides i was more into popular alternative bands like nirvana, faith no more, rage against the machine, pearl jam etc...
i came back to the melvins end of the nineties with the trilogy albums. and it's love eversince!

black stallion

Quote from: dwr budr on October 11, 2011, 07:25:59 PM
stoner witch and gluey porch treatments one morning before breakfast sometime in mid 2001

must have been a delicious breakfast!