The recently rumored all drumming album Hew Time featuring Dale Crover and Coady Willis along with Joe Plummer (of Modest Mouse/The Shins/Black Heart Procession) will be coming out on Joyful Noise Recordings March 25th!

Here is how Joe Plummer describes the project:
"I heard Max Roach’s M’Boom 14 years ago and I’ve wanted to make my own version with drummers I love ever since. Dale, Coady and I carved out our own compositions built from a combination of drum kits and dozens of percussion instruments. I couldn’t be prouder of the end result. Thank you for the inspiration Mr. Max Roach. It’s Hew Time!"

The self-titled album is released March 25th on vinyl & digital. The first vinyl pressing is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on Gold & Black "A-side/B-side" vinyl [SOLD OUT]. The second pressing is limited to 1000 copies on Gold vinyl, available for $15 here.

1. 2020 Is Yours!
2. Koopolder
3. Nine Pan Alley
4. Swung
5. Bell Door
6. Swimming Pool (Hidalgo Blues)
7. Tanguy
8. Bell Window
9. Sonny Bambo
10. Cave Rage

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